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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lake County Fair Stock Horse Show

~There comes a time when you're gonna
get bucked, and you're gonna need to know
what to do so you don't get stepped on.~
~Betsy Swain, 1875~

Colt, Cindy Sue, and I loaded up Thursday mornin' headin' for Lakeview, Oregon. Every year they have a really great horse show lineup...from pleasure, to cutting, to branding, to working cow horse, to's a pretty big deal for that sleepy lil' town.

On Thursday they have a cutting show, and it really draws a lot of cutters from California and Oregon. As soon as the cutting show is done, the herd work for the Working Cow Horse Show starts. I didn't enter the cutting show this year, we just did the Cow Horse show.

The cows are usually solid black Angus and FAST! The herd that I got this time was a really nice bunch though, and I was second up in the draw, so the cows were still soft. In fact, the two cows I worked were almost too soft. We could have had one with a lil' bit more aggressiveness, and we would could have showed a lil' bit better and had a better score. But, we showed well and scored a 66.

The next morning all the horses in the "aged" classes get mouthed by the vet (to make sure they're the correct age for the class they're entered in). I warmed Colt up in the arena for a few minutes, got him mouthed and took him back to the trailer to finish his breakfast. We wouldn't be showing until 11:30 or so.

I got on him again around 11 AM and warmed him up. He seemed a bit tired, so I didn't want to over-do his warm up...just enough to get his muscles ready to work.

The reining pattern went very well (he didn't dink around with his lead changes like at the last show) and we scored a 67 1/2. Then I called for my cow for the fence work. I was super pleased with Colt's try...he's got such a big heart. We did the first turn on the long wall just right, but I didn't get Colt positioned correctly on the second turn, and we didn't get the cow turned until past the corner and lost 2 points.

But, look at how proud Colt is of himself after working that cow...he's just licking his lips and and sayin' "I did GOOD!!"

Loosing two points meant a lot...we came in second in the 4-6 Year Old Hackamore Class...1/2 point behind the winner...So Close to winnin' that buckle!!!

I feel pretty good about next week's Futurity though...but, we'll be showing in the two-rein instead of the hackamore. All in all it was a great show, we had fun, and I learned a bunch too.


Cowgirl Rae said...

WOOOO HOOOO! you go girl, I got goose bunps and a little sweaty eyed. AWESOME

CCC said...

Good for you both!

Crystal said...

Wow you looking good out there!

Linda said...

Looki' great!

Maia said...

Whoo, whoo, look at your guy. His eyes are never off that cow. Good job. He's the best and so are you!

Shirley said...

Wow, look at you ride and Colt run! That was great! Colt looks FABULOUS!
You're gonna smoke 'em next show!

wendy said...

We went and watched a Cutter Show last fall in a town close to us.
It was pretty interesting.
talented horses and riders for sure....working together

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Wowza! Be proud of him and be proud of yourself. You've got a nice horse there and a nice seat yourself.

That looks like so much fun compared to the rail work we do. But I'm sure the feeling when you win is the same!

HBFG said...

Loved watching the video!
You did such a great job, congrats on your fantastic results!
Colt looks really great! :))

Susan said...

That first turn down the fence was awesome. Colt is doing really well in the hackamore.

Vaquerogirl said...

Colt has turned into a big pretty working boy!
Good luck at the Futurity!

Celeste said...

Great job! And well done to Colt too, you make a great team :)

Rhonda said...

Glad you and Colt did so well at the show! Sounds like a great time. :) My computer is ditzy on a few things, and I couldn't see the video. But anyway, enjoy all your events you do, and thanks for sharing about them!

Patches said...

Niiiice! Isn't it amazing how those cows can just turn it on going back to the in gate? Grrr! Great job though! You guys look awesome!

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