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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Stills ~ Fins, Feathers & Fur

This week's Sunday Stills challenge is a triple play...Fins...Feathers...Fur...

The fur 'n feathers was fairly easy...just needed to get some willing

But the Fins portion was going to be tough. We don't even have a pet store that sells fish in town and I'm just not the fish type person. I started diggin' in the ol' dresser that has a lot of miscellaneous stuff in it.

I came upon a great lil' find that my mother had in her things; why, I couldn't tell you, but it's something that I thought was worth hanging on to if she did.


The May 1946 issue of Outdoor Life.
Click the photo biggify...notice the whoppin' 25 cent price?

This page caught my eye because Veterans' Day
was last week. It's a really nice story...and...I
see some Fins!

This page was interesting too...that's one
big fish in the upper right and the advertisement
about fishing in the State of Maine was pretty funny!


This is the mother Great Horned Owl who lives in
the trees in our yard, and she was more than willing to
have her photo taken.
Out of the three babies from
last spring, there is just one left with the
parents. I don't know if the others didn't make it
or if they are off on their own now.


Stetson and Catnip are demonstrating how their
winter coats keep them insulated and warm...
even in a snow storm.

Lil' Cindy Sue doesn't have near enough fur...
consequently she wears a coat in the winter.
Look at those cute lil' belly spots through her fur!
Her belly is red because she's laying in front
of the wood stove gettin' warm.

Our newest addition, Bella Jo, has whorls on the
bridge of her nose. I've never seen a dog
with this type of fur pattern.

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From the Heart of Texas said...

Love the fins in your magazine! What a find and good thing you kept it! The owl is quite awesome and brrr..your fur photos made me cold. Hard to believe I'm sitting here with the windows open--sunshine and gentle breezes coming in. Happy Sunday Stills to you!

Jocelyn said...

your photos make me chilly...

I sure hope that Bella isnt preggers, but you are right the world doesnt need more puppies.

Aussie Oklahoma said...

Very creative with the magazine! I think the Horned Owl is my favorite. Stay warm - it looks chilly!

thecrazysheeplady said...

The owl is a fabulous catch! And the nose whorls are funny. There's probably someone out there that knows what they mean ;-).

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Those whorls are crazy! It's hard to even tell that's a dog nose. Cool! ANd good for you for noticing such a neat detail.
Cute belly spots on Cindy Sue, too.

But I'm in love with Catnip and Stetson! Give 'em carrots and scritches for me, please?
Awesome cool Great Horned Owl shot! How cool to have a family of them living there with you.


Janice said...

Really enjoyed this post. I love your walk back in time. Excellent.

Anonymous said...

Nice job! Lordy it's been years since I've seen a Boy's Life magazine. Smart choice. :)

Ed said...

Well done, I hope the next challenge is'nt too rough on ya...:-))

Anonymous said...

LOL I hadn't a clue what to use for fins so I didn't. I love the dogs nose...........should have used Cindy Sue's but it's probably still a little out of joint with the new dog in the bunch ;)

Nina P. said...

Oh I love the Fur and Feathers... and the fins... well I love anything antique... and yes them's a little old. Great post for a Sunday. Thanks for sharing. Love and Light, Nina P

CTG Ponies said...

Cool pics! The magazine is definitely a find. Congrats on the new pooch.

Jayke said...

Lovely sunday post, I particularly loved the one of Stetson and Catnip, it reminds me of when we first got the horses on The Farm.

We had left them out in the falling snow all day, and when my parents came home, one of the neighbors came over and said they'd been trying to reach us all day.

Did we know our horses were out in the COLD? and the SNOW? We just smiled, told them it was ok, the horses were wearing their winter coats!

Andrea said...

Poor Cindy Sue, with not enough fur to keep her warm. She is lucky she gets to wear a coat. And what neat old magazines!

C-ingspots said...

Oh Karen, I just love that picture of the mama owl! She's beautiful. We have an owl that lives somewhere close by. Not sure what kind, but I hear her/him frequently...kinda think that's what might have happened to some mysteriously disappeared kittens. Not a good thought.
On a brighter note, your new addition to the family is so cute!! We are in the process of trying to find another dog. Annie would probably enjoy the companionship, and I've been with just 1 dog for over 2 years now. That's a record for us!! Trying to adopt a Golden Retriever, but it's slower than molasses in January!!

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