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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Stills ~ Currency

Currency is this week's photo challenge with Sunday Stills.

I chose a few items I had around the house as my subjects...

Let 'er Buck chips from the
Pendleton Roundup Let 'er Buck room
are probably our favorite form of currency.

Wooden nickels are no longer used as
currency for beverages at the
Happy Canyon Pageant during the Roundup.
We should probably hold onto this one!

Memorabilia "rolled" pennies from Alcatraz Island CA and
Virginia City NV have been stowed in my
lil' treasure box for years.

A U.S. $1.00 from 1921 in my treasure chest.

Coins from Mexico and the US make up the
rest of my treasure chest.
Not worth a lot of money...but many memories.

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lisa said...

Very cool!

Tracey said...

Cool stuff!

Ed said...

Very cool! I have a collection of about 30 Morgan silver dollars..:-)

wilsonc said...

Let'er Buck chips! Brilliant!!!

Janice said...

Excellent post. Love your coins and your new dog.

flowerweaver said...

The chips and wooden nickel are great! I have a wooden nickel around somewhere...

Stacey's Treasures said...

Those Pendleton Roundup coins look familiar to me. I grew up in Elgin. Over the mnt. from Pendleton.

Holly said...

some cool coins

VioletSky said...

Those Roundup coins are cool - quite the embossing on them!

Anonymous said...

Nice choices. And interesting too. :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Terrific selection! Great collectors items all, but I'm diggin' the Alcatraz souvenir penny and that wooden nickel, too. What can you do with those Let 'er buck chips? Are they for gambling or for buying drinks, etc?


gtyyup said...

Lisa~The Let'er Buck chips are just beverage chips. When you enter the Let'er Buck room, you have to buy chips to get a drink at the bar. Next year is the 100th Anniv of the, I've got to get a few of those to keep!

Anonymous said...

i rather like the close focus & shallow dof in the first photo, nicely done

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