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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Music to My Ears

Yep, I do like my music. And, I enjoy a variety of genres...not that I know exactly which genre each song fits into. I've kept my PlayList along the "Cowboy Song" type theme and many of you readers have commented that you leave my page open just to listen to the music...

Thank You for that compliment!!

But, I've made a couple of changes on my blog (hopefully for the better), and I'd love to hear your feed back. You've got three choices...oh decisions, decisions, decisions...

  • "Saddle Songs"
This one of my favorite stations on Live365. They play Cowboy music. From ol' time Gene Autry to Sons of the San Joaquin, Wylie and the Wild West, Don Edwards, Ian Tyson, and everything in between.

  • gtyyup's Honky Tonk songs
My Man and I love to dance...that's how we a bar with big dance floor and a live band playing country music. We love to waltz, two-step, west coast swing, one-step, swing, Arizona two-step...hence the Honky Tonk PlayList. We don't go out dancin' very often, but you can probably catch us cuttin' a rug in the kitchen on a Friday or Saturday night! FYI, I just started this list a couple of weeks ago and will be adding more songs.

  • gtyyup's Cowboy Songs
This is the PlayList that you've been listening to ever since I started blogging. I keep adding songs to it as I find them.

One of the things that frustrates me with PlayList is that I can't just put my favorites on it...artists and all that copy write stuff...but I know it's important. That's why I thought I'd try the Live365 widget and see how it works. Live 365 Saddle Songs has more of my favorites.

So, hit PLAY on any of the options, and please leave me a comment and tell me whatcha think! Let me know if they aren't working too would you please?

A few parting shots...

Cowboy...a dog on a mission.

Whiskey says Howdy!

The full moon rising over Hat Butte.

Enjoy your day!



Janice said...

Good post. I love the shot of Whiskey. HAHA out loud.

hope4more said...

Love that picture of Hat Butte, what an amazing view you have.

Paula said...

I'm kinda thinking I might like the "Saddle Songs!" Great pictures!

lisa said...

I love all the music you play. I really like all kinds of music for the most part. I can't stand rap, and metal rock but I am one for the old to new country!

Celeste said...

Sorry I didn't get chance to listen to any of your play lists (don't tell anyone but I'm at work!!) But I LOVE that last photo of the moon rise, so magical.

Kathleen Coy said...

Awesome photos! :-)

Actually, I appreciate that you have the player(s) set up as "click to play" instead of automatic, since I usually have several windows open and am listening to my own music and have to scramble around to turn one or the other off. :-)

Shirley said...

I hope you leave all three options up for us, it is all good listenin'! My husband and I love to dance too, and have been known to start a kitchen party or two, we love to have live music and are fortunate enough to know a few folks who are pretty talented. Ted plays harmonica and can really sing.

Paint Girl said...

What a great idea! I always love your music, and always wonder how you find all the cool cowboy songs!!
I am terrible at remembering song names and the artists. So I have a hard time adding music from Playlist!

Faithful said...

I seem drawn to your cowboys songs.. just cuz I like your choices. Thanks for the enjoyment!

Your Hubby's Bday dinner looked so as if you traveled on across the pond! Glad to hear y'all had a good time of it.,,and got to bring home a doggy bag!

Karen V said...

I thought I saw on here those fleece neckwarmer dickie thingys. Was it here? Can you send me an e-mail on where to get some? I've got some friends that need some stocking stuffers. I need some for me too!


Ed said...

Great songs, and that pic of Hat Butte is AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...
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