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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Meet Bella Jo

I've been contemplating the idea of getting another dog to help me with gathering and trailing cows. Now, you all know what happens when you visit a shelter...ya wanna take 'um ALL home with you!

Harney County doesn't have a Humane Society...or any other shelter as a matter of fact. But, we do have the Harney County Save A Stray Rescue which I just did an article on for Horsefly. As I interviewed them, we of course talked about available animals...and they had an 8 month old Australian Cattle Dog, Bella, who might fit the bill for me.

Bella Jo looks a lot confused...but is just
as sweet as they come.

Cindy Sue is a LOT concerned that
she's going to play second fiddle to Bella Jo.

Bella was taken to the vet clinic (where all strays and owner relinquished animals are taken) by her previous owner. He said to put her to sleep because she wouldn't mind him. Well the dumb a$$ didn't train her!!! How could she obey him if he didn't teach her anything?!? Some people shouldn't be allowed to own animals or have children...IMHO.

So, Save A Stray took her and soon found out that she really is a NICE dog...without a bunch of baggage; she just needs basic training. Bella loves people and gets along great with other dogs.

My Man isn't sure if he can handle four dogs...but he said the same thing before we got Cindy Sue, who made three dogs ;~)

Save A Stray wants to make sure that the home is the right home, so she's here for a trial.

Bella has been a city dog I think, so I'm keeping
her on a leash for initial training purposes...and
to make sure she doesn't take off!

I picked her up at the feed store in Crane. She rides in the back seat of the truck like an old pro. We drove out to the Round Barn to deliver Horseflys and she definitely enjoyed a treat from Dick.

All was going well...until the "devil horses" showed up while I was cleaning the paddock. The big brave cattle dog is TERRIFIED of horses...and probably cows too I assume! I don't think I'll have a problem with an over obsessive herding dog...I wonder if she'll ever be able to herd at all!

Brego, Whiskey and Colt...the "devil herd."

Cowboy seemed to be a comfort for Bella Jo.

Bella is trying to be good...she's picking up "sit," "down," and "wait" very well. Besides being afraid of livestock, she may have a cat chasin' problem. The one time I let her off leash so I could at least get the horses fed, Tat came around the corner of the barn and Bella promptly took off like a bullet and chased him into the awning off the shop where we park the tractor...with Cindy Sue, Cowboy, and Abby in hot pursuit...not good.

The only other issue we know of so far is that she needs to be spayed...ASAP!

We'll just take it a day at a time and she how she does. We're off to the TI Ranch today to help give calves shots and wean. Bella Jo will get to stay on the back of the flat bed and observe.

Just an FYI on her breeding. The previous owner said she is "papered." But with what, we've yet to see. She is definitely NOT within the Australian Cattle Dog breed standards. Whoever is doing the breeding is doing a disservice to the ACD breed. Here is a great site for ACD info. Too many dogs are euthanized, so I prefer to get a rescue dog than buy a "registered dog" since I don't plan on showing or breeding...I just want the dog to be loving, loyal, enjoy its life with us. And, in Bella Jo's case, I hope she can do a job too.



Mrs Mom said...

ACD's ROCK. Our Jo is a cross, and I tell you what- every single ACD i've met or shared time with has been an awesome dog. When the time comes, another ACD will *WILL* find their way here for sure. ;)

Give sweet Bella a rub from me! She has a good boy to help her learn the ropes in Cowboy!! (And you too of course Mom! LOL)

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

What a sweet face! Beautiful dog. We have a purebred ACD that I bought as a pup. He is an amazing dog, just as smart as a whip and sweet as pie.

As for the cat issue- we brought cats in to a home with two ridgebacks that were 8 years old and had never been around cats...I think they thought we were brining them home a snack:) Anyways, we took the position with them that those cats were OURS! It was up to us (as leaders) to say who was allowed and who wasnt. Training (sit, down, stay) etc. I always do with positive rewards, never punishment but when it comes to some things (chasing stock, cats or nipping) my dogs have learned as "gonna die" issues... meaning that if they break the rules, they think they're "gonna die" for the wrath it brings down on them. Our ridgebacks were scared to so much as look at those cats. I am not a hardcore beat your dog kind of person but when it comes to safety issues I believe in sending a very clear message that there will be hell to pay if they hurt my cats, horse or nip.

Rain said...

She's adorable. I hope she works out for you. I feel so sorry for the pets who get deserted, dumped with no way for them to understand what is happening. It's beautiful that you are taking in as many as you can handle. I hope she proves to be one of them as she will be a lucky dog if so.

mj said...

I'm betting that with time Bella comes around and does what Cattle Dogs do! So glad that she has found a home with someone who is willing to take the time to understand her and teach her the ropes....
You know that saying about spaying and neutering your pets..... well I have always thought that the same goes for some pet owners ... not only should the pets be altered, but some of these dumb a$$ owners should be spayed or neutered too. But then you don't want to get me started on that.....
Happy days ahead getting to know Bella, I have the feeling that it will all work out .... Good Luck!

Country Whispers said...

Give her time. Once she is settled in she may turn in to a really great dog. Herding and all!
Good luck with her!

jane augenstein said...

What a cute dog, hope she comes around and learns how to work cattle and horses and stop chasing cats! My dogs all chase our cat, when she lets them; then she will turn and chase them!
Love all your dogs!!

Mikey said...

She's adorable! I have no doubts she'll fit right in. Cyndy Sue has her doubts, lol...

Shirley said...

The cat issue is one that you can train out of her. And them dog-eatin' horses, well, she'll probably get over that when you take her with you out on the trails. You'll get 'er done!

Anonymous said...

love your animal kingdom.. thanx for sharing them with us!!!
happy trails

Anonymous said...

Awww she looks a tad like our Missy!! I'll take care of little Cindy-Sue if you need me ;)
I liked your "Show me the Money" post. I have a silver dollar JUST like yours:)

Paint Girl said...

Bella is so pretty!! That is so great that you got a rescue dog, there are so many unwanted dogs out there!
You should be able to train her to adjust to the cats. And hopefully you can train her to do a job too!! I am sure she will get used to horses and cattle too, and if anyone can do it, you can!

HBFG said...

Bella Joe is a very nice looking dog, I really hope she'll be able to adjust to farm life... Good luck with her! :)

Celeste said...

What a little cutie, I hope she works out, she looks as if she could use a loving home and I can't think of anywhere better for a little dog to be than enjoying the great outdoors with you guys. Back in the day my two dogs used to ride out with me every day and they loved it.

Jocelyn said...

Im not a fan of the moo cows either, I feel for her. Moo Cows are evil.

I hope she settles in and lives up the ACD name, we have one nad she makes me crazy, but I love her brain she is a person on 4 legs.

Andrea said...

She sure looks sweet! I love her big ears and her color!! I hope she works out for you guys. I agree with you that some people just shouldn't own animals.....I often wonder what they think sometimes.

Kathleen Coy said...

She sure is a cutie-pie!
Best of luck with her. :-)

The Wife said...

You're so right, some people don't need animals or children! Hope Bella Jo works out. And gets over that livestock fear!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

You know, my Red Dog came with his "litter mate", who was a Blue and they were both completely crazy. RD wanted NOTHING to do with people and was terrified of the horses. The blue was ridiculously bouncy and also terrified of the horses. Both were food aggressive. I took them because their owner was going to shoot them.

It took about 6 months to bring them around and I think it only took that long because I did not have a trained working dog for them to follow.

I have no doubt you will give Bella every opportunity to fit in.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yay! Good for you! I'm the same way regarding buying registered dogs. I totally believe that the rescued dogs appreciate their new adoptive home so much more than any expensive pedigreed puppy.

I'm glad that I, too, took the plunge and brough Dobbie home. Folks tell me how lucky Dobbie is for being given a new home with me and my family, but it's me that's the lucky one. Her devotion, loyalty and love are intense. I don't feel worthy!
She has been a huge comfort to me with John not being around while he's on the road, too.

I bet Bella will settle in nicely once she learns 'the ropes' and what is expected of her. Dogs, just like humans just need to know the boundaries, and the rules and to have a job of some kind.

Oh, and after you get her spayed I bet you notice a huge improvement. Our GSD Zuni had a terrible obsession with roaming and ignoring our calls before we got her spayed recently. Now she wants to hang out with us all the time. And best of all, she's calmed down and isn't as hyper and ADD as before.

I'm excited for you and for Bella and can't wait to read more about her. She sure is a pretty girl, too.


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