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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Official~Bella Jo Has a Home!

My Man hadn't really said yeah or nay yet to Bella Jo having a forever home with us, but I decided that I needed to know. So I popped him the question last evening...and his reply was that "She's getting along pretty good and isn't too much trouble, so she should stay." Yeah Bella Jo!!!!

And Bella really is a sweet dog. Her personality comes out more each day. She's fun loving, people pleasing snuggle dog. 'bout an update on her was successful and it's a good thing we pursued it as quickly as we did. She was pregnant...5 weeks along...with 10 puppies inside her! She didn't really look pregnant, but I just had my suspicions and didn't want to take the chance of having a litter. She sure was sore the night of the surgery...lots of moaning and restless trying to find some way to lay that didn't hurt. Poor girl.

But, she's back to normal...or so she thinks. She's got to be on a leash for the next 2 weeks...and it's already hard for her not to want to run off with the other dogs. But, that'll be good training for her anyway.


Last Sunday, My Man, Cindy Sue, Bella Jo and I headed over to the Round Barn Visitor Center to exchange a wool cap...and do some pre-Christmas browsing.

Pilot 'n co-pilot seem to have it all
under I just sat back 'n
sipped my cup of coffee.

Dry Lake had some ice on it still and
Riddle Mountain is in the background.

Cows are still foraging some, but pretty soon
all the ranchers will be feeding hay.

Dick has the Christmas tree up and decorated already, so I tried to get some nice shots of Bella Jo and Cindy Sue...neither of whom wanted to cooperate!

20 photos later, this is the best one I could get
of Bella Jo. Cindy Sue just refused!

I finally corralled the two for a family portrait.


Is anyone going to the Columbia Circuit Finals Rodeo in Redmond this weekend? We'll be there on Saturday night. Email me (top left on the blog) and we can try to hook up at the Event Center!

I'm totally swamped with my Horsefly publication for December, so that's why I haven't been making it to anyone's blogs for the past few days. I went into town Monday and sold 14 new ads and now I'm designing them all.

Then we'll be gone to the Rodeo Finals for 3 days this weekend...and Thanksgiving is next week?!? I'm panicking!!!

OK...remember to breath~~ahhhhh~~



Paty Jager said...

If you're going to be in the area, swing by and say "hi". We won't be at the rodeo, our oldest will be here with her kids and Gerrit will be elk hunting.

Congrats to Bella Jo for finding a good family!

Jocelyn said...

yeah for Bella Jo!

Thats so great you took her in and gave her a nice warm cozy home ;)

Rain said...

How wonderful on Bella Jo. I am happy for her and you :)

Cowgirl Rae said...

Glad to know you will be on our neck of the woods, but saturday eve. is Cowboy Church with Dave and Ramona out at the Lookout Grange.
So we will be there.

Good about the dog, the last thing is pups mid winter.... and who knows what the dad was sheesh! that could have been scary.

Have fun, drive safe, I guess the weather calls for cold and snow for the weekend

mj said...

Couldn't think of a better place for the once wayward Bella Jo. And congrats on catching the spaying soon enough. Yeah team!!!
Maggie wants to take me for a walk, so I've gotta get going....
Once again, great news on the adoption of Bella JO!!

Jayke said...

Yay for Bella Jo! Good decision to get her spayed quickly, 10 puppies! That certainly would've livened up the place for awhile. Just think, that's 10 more homeless dogs that will find their forever homes becuse those puppies won't be taking up space.

I'm glad that we celebrate our Thanksgiving in early October, no pressure right before Christmas! Enjoy the Rodeo and remember to take a breath every once in awhile.

Mrs Mom said...

Excellent news on Bella Jo! She is in High Cotton now for sure!

Love the family pic too. The expressions on the pups faces is priceless!! hehe

Anonymous said...

Bella Jo is one lucky lady!

Ed said...

Cool for Bella, she seems to fit right in. Nice shot of you in front of the tree..:-))

Anonymous said...

I'm glad for Bella! Have a good trip to the finals and remember to breathe before then.

Faithful said...

Now..really.. how could the Bossman resist ..with you popping the question? Bella is one lucky girl to be welcomed into such a loving home!

Heh! Heh! Maybe, Bella and Cindy Sue are like me...they don't want their pictures taken until after they get their Thankgiving turkey? Loved the video of the Wild Bunch and the early snow! We haven't had any as of YET! Enjoy the Finals!!!!

C-ingspots said...

Oh, I'm so happy that you've decided to keep Bella Jo!! She does look like a perfect fit for your family. How could anyone resist such a face?? How's Cindy Sue's nose doing??? :)

Have fun at the rodeo and remember to drive carefully...more snow's coming. Don't worry about Thanksgiving!! Just eat too much, take a nap, then get up and eat some more. What could be easier?

My niece and I are doing the cooking together this year...should be fun.

Mikey said...

Wow, 10 pups in there? Aren't you glad you got her spayed?! Yikes!
Xmas tree up already? That's crazy. The day after Thanksgiving is our day. Love the pics though, beautiful!!
Can't wait for the rodeo pics I know will be coming.... now breathe!!!

lisa said...

Bella Jo is a beauty! She sure looks like she enjoys being part of the family!

AKPonyGirl said...

To answer your questions from my blog - We just float several pieces of foam insulation (usually blue board) on the water. The critters learn to shove them around or push them under the water. A friend of mine uses the balls from the ball pit at McDonald's in her tank. The horses learned to push them under the water to get a drink.

We put up firewood throughout the winter. Right now there's about a cord and a half in the lean to and a big pile of rounds at the bottom of the driveway. We are running the splitter for several hours tomorrow. It's supposed to be above zero. I want to go ride.

My favorite day of the year is Winter Solstice too!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It's great to read that Horsefly is doing so well ad-wise. Yay!
And good for you and your suspicions regarding Bella Jo's pregnancy. How sad that might have had that litter if she had not been rescued and taken in by you and your man. She's such a pretty thing.
But that group photo cracked me up with their expressions. Cindy Sue looks rather perturbed that she was forced to have that camera pointed at her. lol!But you look great, of course.


Kathleen Coy said...

Yay, Bella Jo can stay! :-)

Janice said...

Bella Joe looks like she has always been part of your family....great shots. Your critters look just like mine when they are not co- operating....which is frequently. Have fun at the rodeo..........breath in breath out.

Andrea said...

It's good to be busy! And hooray for Bella Jo being able to stay!! That is wonderful!! I love the picture of you three by the tree!!

Vaquerogirl said...

AWW! Nice picture of you and the pups!
Looking at the pictures of the high desert made me have a sharp intake of breath- I could almost FEEL it!
Cold and crisp and something else ...I can't quite put my finger on...

Shirley said...

Great news on Bella Jo, I bet she will be a good working dog for you. Read the comment from Vaquerogirl; I think the description she was looking for is "high lonesome" .

Celeste said...

I wish I had a co-pilot like that, so cute :) I like the family portrait, Bella Jo looks like she is settling in well.

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