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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tough Enough to Wear Pink at Pendleton?!?


Tough Enough to Wear Pink began 5 years ago and is a favorite Roundup tradition on Thursdays. Thousands of dollars are raised each year for breast cancer research and awareness at this rodeo and others across the country. Wrangler brand heads up the sponsors...check out the web site!

My Man does look good in pink doesn't he?

We opted to take a carriage ride to the rodeo grounds instead of walking. It was a blast! I've had wagon rides before, but not a carriage ride. It was so smooth...when I get too old to get on a horse, this'll be the way to go!

The driver/owner is a really neat lady, and she had
numerous horses that she switched out. The horses
were very well taken care of and nothing bothered them.

This photo is courtesy of my pal Debbie.
She and her husband Steve have been coming
to the Roundup with us for the past 7 years.
OK...notice my beautiful scarf?!?
If you didn't read my post about how this
scarf came into my possession, you need to read here.

While I was browsing through an antique shop, the owner commented on the scarf. She asked me if I knew what I was wearing...well yes...a wonderful treasure. She said that they made them between the late 1900's into the 1930's. They came in all colors and lots of different graphics and text was used. She also warned me to be careful that no body tried to take it off of try to steal it! And, here I was only worried about getting it dirty!

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed wearing it for the day and another big thank you goes out to AKPonyGirl. Hugs girl friend! OH...pssst...keep an eye on your mailbox AKPonyGirl ;~)

Ahhh...but times are a changin' at the Roundup.
This beautiful new front gate is part of the
makeover they are doing as part of the
100th anniversary which is next year.

I can't say I like all the uppity change. It'll be very pretty when it's all done...I just hope the feel of "Rodeo" isn't lost in the steel, brick and bronze. The west end will be covered and have new grandstands too...that will be the end of the "sun bowl" which it's been called for decades...sigh...

OK...on to the rodeo!! But, we first have to stop for just one at the Let 'er Buck Room!

No photos from inside...they take your cameras. Which is
really stupid because they don't take away any
cell phones...there were people taking photos everywhere
inside the Buck Room. LOL

The grand favorite part of any rodeo!

And the "Court" racing around the track always
brings tears to my eyes...along with many others.

Photo courtesy of my pal Debbie again.
My camera just won't zoom in from across the field.
Look at all those pretty pink shirts!!

Watching the pickup men do their job is just
as exciting as watching the cowboys ride.

We had box seats on Thursday and had to cover
our beverages more than once as the horses
raced by in front of us!

A special presentation is always made on Thursday
featuring breast cancer survivors.

It's always very inspirational.

Happy Canyon is another important part of the Roundup..."Since 1916 the Happy Canyon Night Show has thrilled audiences and become the world’s most unique Indian Pageant. Every year over 500 volunteers come together to portray the culture and traditions of local tribes, the coming of Lewis and Clark and the Oregon Trail pioneers, concluding with the fast action of a frontier town."

The Indian village, the pageant, and the presentation during the rodeo are all amazing to see. Click on the link above to read about the's really very interesting. The night show is a huge production with horses, wagons, guns, beautiful costumes...and a lot of fun!

A beautiful Happy Canyon Princess.

And an aspiring princess.
Their traditional costumes are truly amazing.

Fathers teaching their sons.

The Indian Relay Race is a really fun part of the rodeo. They have three races each day and a final race on Saturday to determine the winning team. Here are a few clips of the races... saw right...that was a loose horse in the last clip...a lot of crazy stuff happens during those races! forward to Saturday...and the winning team is
the Colville tribe from Omak, WA!!
Prizes, besides the purse money, include beautiful
blankets, bags and jackets.

Ahhhh...we survived Wednesday night (at the Happy Canyon casino) and Thursday...only two more days of this stuff!

A lil' R & R back at camp. L-R Steve, me and My Man.
We have a wonderful back yard that we stay at...right
next to the Cowboy Breakfast.
All the pancakes, eggs, and ham you can eat...yum!

More Pendleton Roundup in my next post.

~~PS...the Pendleton wild rag is safely hanging with my other wild rags~~



Cedar View Paint Horses said...

My eyes! That's PINK!

Looks like loads of fun.

Cowgirl in the City said...

How fun! While living in Malheur Co. we unfortunately never made it to the Pendelton rodeo... well I might have gone when I was 3, but it didn't leave a huge impression. :) Thanks for sharing!

Cowgirl in the City said...

How fun! While living in Malheur Co. we unfortunately never made it to the Pendelton rodeo... well I might have gone when I was 3, but it didn't leave a huge impression. :) Thanks for sharing!

AKPonyGirl said...

I'm so glad that you had a good time and that the silk scarf made it home. What a treasure! Thank you so much for wearing it and enjoying it. I truly dislike seeing things put away to use for "company" or special events. I use my silver and china everyday and wear my emeralds cleaning stalls.

I'm already making plans for next year's RoundUp.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I've always heard the stories of Pendleton. Now I would love to go. Thanks for sharing.

You local Indian Fair used to have the relay races-they were crazy fun to watch. They always had pony sprint races for the kids too. I always wanted to take my pony down there and race, but my mom said no way. Darn!

Sydney said...

You really ought to try driving your coltster there. You wouldn't believe the versatility and usefulness of a horse that can ride and drive. QH's are getting more popular in driving these days. I show with a lady that has a team of 4 QH's she drives a historical chuck wagon with. All four are also regularly competitive in working cow horse. Plus you can do things like stone boat and pick up stones out of paddocks and fields and get the horses to haul in fire wood in the fall. I can't wait until Indigo has healed all up so I can do some logging back the bush with her.

mugwump said...

I'm starting to wonder if there should be a bloggers meet n' greet at one of these events. Maybe even this one. Would that be fun or what?

Mikey said...

Too cool! I've always wanted to go, at least this way I get to see it via your pics. Love it!! You two are adorable together :)

Paula said...

I LOVE this post. I felt like I was there with you! Great picture of you and your man! He does look hot in pink and you looked fabulous in your wild rag!!! I've had a carriage ride as well and loved it!

So glad you had fun!!


Jocelyn said...

Oh I am definitely going next year, just this year I ve had so much drama, i just wanted to stay home and be still. Shawn said it was a hoot ! HE loves it. I have adult ADD and sometimes, the sun, beer, and ADD just don't mix :)

lisa said...

Fantastic! I have always wanted to go to a big rodeo. I have only been to mesquite. The wild rag looked great! Real men can wear pink! You both make a great couple! Thanks for sharing and I am waiting for more!

Vaquerogirl said...

Be sure to look up my friend Jane
Alden- She has a trailer up in Pendelton this year, selling beautiful Wild Rags, Saddles, and leather goods! Her business name is R 6 Leathers. Be sure to tell her BARB says Hi!

Paint Girl said...

That is so great! Looked like so much fun!
That Indian relay race, crazy! But would be fun to watch!

Jayke said...

So much pink! It a great cause.

I've never been to a rodeo, we don't get much of those around here, but I've always wanted to go! The closest "big" rodeo around here that I know of is the Calgary Stampede, which is a bit out of my travel range.

These pictures were great, they really captured the culture and tradition of it all.

Ed said...

Great post, looed like ALOT of fun..:-))

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

And just any's hot pink on your man! lol! He does look tough enough, too. :D
The wild rag looked great on you. It fits your style well. What an awesome event. Sounds like a very long long weekend, though. Does it take you a week to recuuperate?
That Indian relay race...crazy!

And just what exactly is so hush-hush about the 'Let 'er Buck' room? Enquiring minds want to know. lol!


Celeste said...

Sounds like you are having a fantastic time, wish I was there!

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