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Monday, August 3, 2009

Rakin' Hay 'n Cuttin' Cattle

Early this morning we wake to a familiar screeching sound with the low rumble of a tractor motor...Rudy's tractor and hay rake. The fragrant aroma of freshly raked hay softly flows in through the bedroom window...what a way to wake up~~heaven on earth~~

The dust haze floats over the field.

Cindy Sue has to inspect the job for quality...she approves!

Rudy finishes the field by raking the edge rows.

We had just a sprinkle of rain last night after a pretty spectacular lightening was dry by 4 AM this morning, so nothing to worry about. But, there is still a 30% chance of precipitation today and tonight. The high today is supposed to be 96 degrees, so Rudy hopes to bale sometime in the night tonight and/or tomorrow permitting of course...keeping our fingers crossed!!

I spent the day yesterday at the computer putting together my final articles and ads for my Horsefly publication. We're done and set to go to print on Tuesday!

Saturday was a really fun was the last cutting of the season for my local club the High Desert Cutters. I rode Colt in both the 150 and 125 classes again.

Colt just keeps getting better every week!!! We scored a 70 in the 150 and WON the class!!! In the 125, we scored a 70 1/2 and placed second!!! This is the first time we've scored 70...I'm so proud of my guy!

Yea...I got a little excited there at the end when they announced our score...couldn't help myself!!

We only have 3 more shows this year. Next Sunday we'll be up at the Grant County Fair Horse Show. I've entered us into the cutting, reining, and cowhorse...where we'll run the cow on the fence! We haven't run the fence since last year at Lakeview.

Then there's a long break until Sept 3-4 for the Lake County Fair Cowhorse show and the week after that is our Harney County Reined Cowhorse Futurity Sept 9-10. I've got butterflies in my stomach again!! OK...just breath and relax...



Ed said...

Congrats on the high score. I love the smell of fresh cut hay or grass. Cool video too..:-)

Jocelyn said...

I love the smell of fresh cut hay!
Congrats on the score ! woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

You both look great - congratulations! It must be a blast to do - it looks like fun. Nice to wake up to the smell of the hay, as well.

mugwump said...

This is bad, you're making me want to compete again.....

Paula said...

Good job friend! You looked fantastic!

lisa said...

Good luck at the fairs and futurity!!! Great job!!

Faithful said...

You are both looking good! Best of luck, Karen!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Good job Colt! (well, BOTH of you!). Awesome job.

HBFG said...

WOW! Congrats on your fantastic results! And thanks for posting that video, your Colt looks like he's having fun working the cows!
Good luck for the upcoming shows!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

WHOOOOOOOOOT!!!! Awesome Karen and Colt!!!
You goys looked great and you're gonna do wonderful at the upcoming events.

Heavon on Earth...the earthy smell of fresh hay! Indeed!


Oregontribal1 said...

Another "best smell"? Fresh cut alfalfa, saddle soap, warm leather of the saddle and the horse's own scent. I could live in a bunk house above the tack room and never want to dad kidded me about it too. Said he was gonna build a bunk house just for me cause I refused to live in the house during the summer months.

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