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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kelley Arena Youth Rodeo ~ Part II

This is the last of the Kelley Rodeo...there were just so many cute lil' buckaroos and buckaretts that I couldn't just post 2 or 3...right?!?!?!?


These two asked me to take their picture. They said
they'd been best friends ever since they were
little kids...I laughed and said they were still kids...the
cowpoke on the grey said "Well, yea, but, we've been best friends
ever since we were babies."
OK...that I can believe!! Just too cute!

With a look like hers, she's gonna be a lil' toughie.
Cute as a bug, and she's all business!

A well manered horse, the right equipment to get the
job done, poise, confidence and a love for this life;
I see a rodeo queen in the making.

There's nothing wrong with a lil' help from grandpa...

...especially when you get the best seat in the house
on the top rail...the chips are just a bonus!

Can I remember the pattern...I'm sure I can,
I'm sure I can!!

Discussions regarding the merrits of tack and
equipment are common.
Do we really need to sit in the saddle?

While other's practice their goat tying technique.

Concentration...watching and's all part of the process to improve.

The older kids get to put their
rough stock skills to the test.

Horse and rider, like one, are focused on their target.

Team work



A love of a way of life that is disappearing.

These kids are America's future.

And at the end of the day...

All the kids gather for the awards ceremony....silver buckles,
tack, grooming supplies (everyone gets a t-shirt)...all really cool stuff!!
Everyone celebrating the successes of their friends...or
maybe even their own!

A good day was had by all.

Thanks again for coming along for the ride!!



lisa said...

Great! I love seeing this kind of post! I have said it a thousand times and I will say it again. Wish I could live that kind of life! On a back of a horse! Have a good day.

the7msn said...

I've really enjoyed these two posts from the rodeo. I think you may have had as much fun as the kids.

thecrazysheeplady said...

A good day was had by all. Amen.

The Wife said...

What an awesome event. I wish more kids around the country could grow up like that, just honest country kids. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing.

mj said...

I am so grateful that I had a horse as a youngster. So many life-lessons and so many very fond memories. Only wish I were as young as some of these kids when I got started...they are practically fearless....Great way to grow up, and a wonderful post about it!

little apple tally said...

They look to be real ranch kids! Its too bad all kids can't be that lucky... but they can't. Darn!

Reddunappy said...

Such a great thing to be able to be raised on a horse!
I love the wrinkly cowboy hat, you know he sleeps with it on LOL reminds me of my nephew when he was little, and his smashed on one side hat from naps LOL

Faithful said...

The lessons learned in the cowboy world will last these little ones a lifetime. I know it has me and mine! Too cute of pictures..thanks Karen.

Paint Girl said...

That is so cool! I remember those days, of being a kid, riding my horse with friends. I believe it was the best way to grow up!! I wouldn't have wanted it any other way!
Those are some very lucky kids!!

Amy Warren said...

These pictures are just fantastic! I love reading about your life in the West, as I hope to end up there at some point.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I love watching the little kids too. They are the future of horses, the future of ranching. But even the ones who grow up and do something else still have that foundation and can easily slip back into the life if they so choose.

Besides, it's just a darn fun way to grow up.;)

CTG Ponies said...

Fabulous! What a bunch of cuties!

Shirley said...

Great photos, what could be better than a bunch of kids and horses havin' a great day!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm so envious, in a good way. I wish I could have lived a life like that. Those kids look like they are probably more comfie on the back of a horse than they are climbing trees or hiking in the woods. How cool!
What awesome horses to be carrying those little precious cargos, too. Think they'd trade with me?



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