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Friday, July 10, 2009

10 Years Ago Today~Memories from a Special Day

Hmmmm...Gtyyup in a dress?!?
What could the ocassion be?

What are all those folks doing under the apple tree?
Hay bales?

And this guy? Who's he and
where'd he come from?

Yes, you guessed correctly. A wedding was performed
10 years ago today~on horseback with
a true to life Circuit Preacher.

Sorry about the photos...scanning just isn't my expertise! Sure glad we have digital cameras now!!

Saturday, July 10, 1999...something had to make this wedding special. I'd had a church wedding before, and we wanted this wedding to reflect us. And "us" at that time was Carina (who we lost 2 winters ago), Toby, Cowboy, Abby, My Man and me. So, what would be more fitting than a wedding on horseback!

Abby was the ring bearer, the best man was Jon Brown and my matron of honor was my best trail ridin' buddy Kris Spencer. The Circuit Preacher was a friend of My Man's from year's ago. The beautiful buckskin he rode was 30 years old. He carried a rifle on the saddle and a pearl handled pistol on his hip, which he showed the audience as he pulled back his coat and drummed his fingers on it as he asked "Is there anyone here who doesn't think that these two people should marry?" That got quite the laugh!

The exchanging of rings. It was a hot day and
my fingers were swollen and My Man could
hardly get the ring on my finger!

The Kiss

And another kiss.
This is one of my favorite photos of all time.
Carina and Toby were soul mates just like us...they
had to show their love that day too.

Then a lil' celebrating with libation and food.
My Man with his infamous Hamms and my wine!

Of course the cake...white champage cake
with raspberry filling.
Real flowers decorated the cake.

My wonderful, long time, drill team ridin', trail ridin' friend Nancy made my riding skirt. She is an excellent seamstress. I still get beautiful Christmas gifts sewn by her every year!

Potluck was the menu. Cheap beer and boxed wine the libation of the day. Well, there was a bottle of Crown Royle being passed around too ;~)

Our closest friends and family attended and it's a day we will never forget.

Cowboy the party dog...passed out in the middle
of the garage floor...everyone stepping over him
as they went through the potluck line.
He got into some spilled wine before
the ceremony and got drunk!



Rain said...

What great pictures of a beautiful day. You looked lovely and you both looked very happy. A good start to my day to see them. I also like your new banner

Kathleen Coy said...

Oh wow, that is just too cool. I LOVE it, Karen!!! What a day, that is soooo much fun and I love how it "fit" you guys instead of what the "norm" is considered to be. Wishing you a VERY Happy Anniversary!!!

mj said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope that this first ten years is just the beginning of many more happy years to come.

Glad to see that Cowboy enjoyed the ceremony just like all the rest of you...good photo.

PS...nice music...I get to go see Lyle Lovette for my birthday in a couple weeks...Yeah!

froglander said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing - a horseback wedding! How completely wonderful! A Happy Anniversary to you!

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Congrats and Happy Anniversary!

Me an' Wifey's is in 5 days....I better start shopping.

the7msn said...

Wishing you many more decades together.

Country Whispers said...

Happy Anniversary!
Looks like you had an awesome wedding.

Sydney said...

Wow how neat!
Happy anniversary. My friends parents have been married 15 years or so today. I am going to give them a ride in town in exchange for my friend buying me supper.

mugwump said...

What a nice wedding. Friends, family, good horses and dogs. Perfect.
I'm glad you drink wine, I couldn't make it on a mustang count if there was only beer. Whew.

Promise said...

Beautiful photos - thanks for sharing! And happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

What a dream day! Love the preachers buckskin, buckskins have always been my favorite, first pony I learnt to ride on was a buckskin, he used to buck like the devil - sure helps to develop a firm seat!! :) Congrats on reaching ten years, here's to the next ten.

C-ingspots said...

Congratulations Karen!! Great pictures - you both sure do look happy!! Time sure has a way of slipping by doesn't it? My hubby and I will celebrate 25 in less than 2 weeks. Damn, how did that happen!? Oh, and I love the picture of Cowboy...too cute!! Here's to another many more to come.

The Wife said...

Love it GTYYUP! Looked like the perfect day. Happy Anniversary. The husband and I have 11 years coming up next month! Time sure flies~

Oh, I love your new banner up top!

Shirley said...

Love your new header, and those are great wedding photos. Your favorite one is very special, isn't iy! Ted and I got married on horseback 13 years ago last month. Funny thing is, we both forgot our anniversary this year(Heeeheeeeheee!)
Happy anniversary to you both!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! I just downloaded Google Chrome and wallah I can now open your site and make comments, YIPPEE!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!! I love your new header too, good job!

Cowgirl Rae said...

Happy Anniversary!.... thank you for sharing

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh! That special photo of you and your man kissing while Karina and Toby snuggle and you're all sharing a loving moment just gives me the warm fuzzies.
My neighbor was a Circuit Rider Preacher, except now he does most of his ridin by car to preaching events and outlying churches.

Thanks for sharing all those beautiful photos and memories. They made me smile and I needed that today especially.

Happy Anniversary!!!


One Red Horse said...

I always cry at weddings - oh my! What a lovely day. The love just shines through these photos. Have a wonderful anniversary.

Paint Girl said...

Happy Anniversary!
That is so cool you got married on horseback! Maybe my other half would get married that way! He's not one for large crowds!
Thanks for sharing your day with us!!

Mikey said...

Happy Anniversary! I want you to know, those pics gave me goosebumps (it's 110 out right now) and made me tear up. That's so beautiful!! Your wedding looks just perfect :)

CTG Ponies said...


Miss A said...

What a perfect wedding, happy anniversary!

Vaquerogirl said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like you roped yourself a good one! I hope you have ten times ten more!

Stacey Kimmel-Smith said...

Wow, I really enjoyed those pix! You two look great together. Happy anniversary.

stacey at

Paula said...

THAT is absolutely wonderful! You made a beautiful bride!!!!

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