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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday



Shirley said...

I see you have a hand made saddle; who's the maker?

Amanda said...

Very nice saddle. I also have a saddle with the Wade tree and have considered getting the bucking rolls. How do you like yours?

jane augenstein said...

Wow, nice, nice saddle! If I still had a western horse I would love a saddle like that, looks really comfortable.

kdwhorses said...

I love your saddle, very worn and used! Who did make it? Is that ESP pad?

Reddunappy said...

More pics of that lovely saddle! check this out it will really make you drool!!

I really love the feather one.

Andrea said...

I really need a new saddle. Yours is very nice! I love the black color!! Very nice!

Jocelyn said...

Lovely saddle.

Bucking rolls? I need those on mine sometimes!

I hope your trip to PDX was good! Next time hollor first and I'll meet you for food and beverages!

Latigo Liz said...

NICE! Reminds me, I need to snap updated pics of my saddle...

Reddunappy said...

If anyone is looking for a pretty saddle, I would check this one out on craigs list portland
It "looks" like a steal!

Vaquerogirl said...

Well you know how much I love a good saddle. I like that one a lot! Especially the bucking rolls!
The saddle I ride in lately is a WP saddle- go figgure- but it fits my horses back so I ride it every day.Heres the funny part- I couldn't for the life of me figure out why when the ol' pony humped and bucked I felt so out of control! I KNOW! Duh! The other saddle I use didn't fit him, but that was the closer fitting saddle,the fenders had more swing, and I could stick in that one! Thats why I'm having a new one built! Oh yeah- sometimes it takes a kick in the head for me to get wise!

Ed said...

Cool saddle, it that electrical tape on the pommel?

Heather said...

I want a saddle like that! My knees hurt when I get in the saddle and and friend has a Wade saddle and it's the only time my knees haven't hurt! Expect they make fun of people that have buck rolls on their saddles around here!

gtyyup said...

Shirley~~ Clay Sharp is the maker. His website is here:
He was living in Eastern Oregon and now is in Nevada I think...he does great work.

Amanda~ I really like the bucking rolls, but I can tell you that I've still been tossed up and over the horn landing on the withers...nothing is fool proof!!

kwdhorses~ Kris, the pad is a 1/2 inch Won Pad with a single thickness wool blanket over the top.

Andrea~ I was really aprehensive about the color I chose...I even called the maker at one point to change it...but he said I really would like it...and he was right.

reddunappy~ Oh my gosh, if I had a saddle that fancy I'd never ride in it!!! Beautiful work for sure!

VaqueroGirl~ I just hope that this is the last saddle I ever need!! I really do love it.

Heather~ That could be because of the "Hamley Twist" in the stirrup leathers. This is my saddle on Clay's site:
Brand new and never ridden in...the stirrups are facing forward the way they should be and it's because of the twist. It's something that can be done to your saddle I believe.

Celeste said...

Hmmm sure looks comfy, not like the English saddles I used to use!

Anonymous said...

great shot.. i feel like i'm almost there to set a spell in it ..

happy trails
gp in montana

Reddunappy said...

ahhh, I like that mod asso 2,with the canteen, at sharps website good leather and silver bits outdo diamonds for me LOL sounds kinky LOL LOL

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sweeet saddle, K. I like the angle you used for this shot, too.
How're things comeing along with Colt? Ready for the Spring/Summer competitions coming up?

Take Care,

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