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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sending them home~~

Training horses can be very fulfilling as well as frustrating. Getting the horse to reach their potential is so fulfilling, but getting them to understand what you are asking of them can be very frustrating sometimes. Each horse, like every human, has a different personality, a different way of processing information and a different way of movement. I believe that all of these things (and more) will determine that horse's niche in life and how successful he or she will be. I also believe that every horse can't be put into a "cookie cutter training program" where one size fits all. A good trainer will work with the horse's abilities.

One of my pet peeves is when someone gets a horse and tries to make it something that it just can't they say "this horse is going to be my next barrel racing horse" and that horse can't hardly turn around in his stall without falling's it going to be a successful barrel racing horse? Some things can be taught to a horse, but if the natural ability to "turn around" isn't even there, it'll be like beating your head against the wall. Why put the horse through a training nightmare?

Ok...I'm off that tirade...sorry...LOL

I take in 1-2 horses a month to train during the "good weather" months (because I don't have an indoor facility). Mostly the horses are 2 year olds that need to be started under saddle. Some horses are horses that just need a tune up or more finishing work to get them to handle better.

I'm just now sending the last horse of the year home. This is Ziggy...

Ziggy is a 2 year old and is a Harney County bred Quarter Horse owned by a good friend that has a fantastic breeding program. Her horses have cow sense and an athletic ability that makes them highly marketable to buckaroos and ranches for daily ranch work. After leaving my place, he'll get some "real life experience" by gathering up cow/calf pairs or just trailing the herd. It'll give him knowledge and experience that he surely needs.

I love brands...this is their brand...

I'm looking forward to the horse sale down in Winnamucca Nevada next spring, my friend is going to let me ride a colt I started for her earlier this year through the sale ring and I'll get a commission on that...I love to get paid when I'm having fun!!! Then we'll dance the night away at a club (we don't have clubs here in Princeton LOL).

But, sending these horses home is a sad, yet happy time for me. I've grown attached to them, learned their idiosyncrasies, changed behaviors that were not acceptable and tried to bring out the best in them. I know that they gotta go home...and I give them a kiss on the nose and tell them that I've done my best for them and now they need to do their best...that's all I can do.

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