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Monday, October 27, 2008

Is is Fall...or is it still Summer?

This morning it was 25 degrees; this afternoon it was in the low 70's!!! It was a beautiful day, but dressing in layers is essential. As I left the house to get into the truck to go to Todd's, I felt like I needed to be wearing some of my cuddle duds under my jeans out working horses at 8 a.m.~~Then I thought not, just Cowgirl Up...good thought.

Cowboy thought it was a perfect day.

Stetson and his mother Catnip were heading back up the hill after coming down for water. They watched me for quite a while working a horse in the round pen.

I took Colt out for a long trot to the far end of our property as his warm up before practicing some of our reining maneuvers in the arena. This fence gate is very typical for openings in a fence that doesn't have to be opened's a lot cheaper. Colt insisted that he was the main subject...not the silly gate!

Ahhhhh the sweet smell of horse sweat mixed with the hay and manure smells in the barn should be my opinion :~)

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

I agree, it's the best smell in the world! :-)

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