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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Two Years, Two Months and Two Weeks Later...

It's a lazy Sunday mornin', and I just finished reading Mugwump's latest post. Scrolling around her blog, I see my blog name...and it says my last post was 2 years ago. Actually, it has been exactly 2 Years, 2 months and 2 weeks...but who's counting right?!?

There's no way to catch up on 2 years of life in a nutshell, so I'm just going to pick a photo...or two or three or four...and start from here! Short 'n sweet blog posts...if I can remember how to insert a photo!

Rastus has a new buddy...Jiggs!

Cute lil' stinker...his nickname is Turdy Jiggs

Mindy Mae could use less of him. He used to drag her by her sweater and her tail!

He's got the  Border Collie stare.

He's already outgrown Rastus at 8 months!

God bless you all on this fine Memorial Day weekend~



Linda said...

Love your pups! One and all!

Shirley said...

Yay you're back! Lots has indeed happened in the last 2 years. Life goes on- and hope you keep blogging! So much nicer and more creative than Facebook.

Crystal said...

Oh so exciting to see you back posting!

Val Ewing said...

So happy to see this pop up on my feed ...! Makes me soooo happy!

aurora said...

Welcome back! Cute pups!!

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