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Friday, October 24, 2014

Meanwhile, Waiting for the Water Trough to Fill...


What else would you do...but have a photo shoot!

Let's chase bunnies!

The "Get Up" command in action!

"Hey Mom...I feel stupid up here!"

Awww...but you're so handsome Rastus!

And...other stuff...

Boulder & Sage
Boulder & Sage

Tumbleweed Corner...yes, in my arena...gotta get to cleanin' that mess up!

Have a wonderful Fall weekend!


Val Ewing said...

What a beautiful dog, I love how the wind is blowing his hair.
That tumbleweed and rock shot is a true winner.

CDH said...

Rastas is a fine looking fellow....
It amazes me how sage can grow in a small crack in the basalt rocks.....the tumble weeds in and along fences....when they're pushed up against a gate and you drive threw them, they get all up underneath the pickup!
Great pics.

Terry and Linda said...

Wind...the wind doth blow. That say that wind is heading in here!


Crystal said...

Perfect time for a photo shoot :)

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