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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pierce (aka ScarFace) Goes to the Futurity

Today is clean up day for the lil' boy because tomorrow is the 2 year old halter class at the Harney County Reined Cow Horse Futurity...but there's a lot that I can't do much about...

Oh bother!

Amanda worked so hard on trying to get him healed up from his face playing over the fence when he was in training at her place...and the lil' bugger comes home and can't keep himself out of trouble...everywhere I put him, he gets bunged up.

I'm trying to have a positive outlook for tomorrow, but Pierce just doesn't have what Colt had. I've wanted to blame it on Pierce being born at the end of May, but Colt was born just one month it's not an age thing. Pierce is just taking longer to mature.

Seven years apart.

I'm sure Pierce will grow up and fill out...and look very similar in build as Colt...but today, he's just not like Colt was seven years ago.

Colt 2007 (LOL...standing very cow-hocked!!)

OK...want to know what's really on my mind? At the end of the day of Colt's final Futurity show, I realized that we had placed 2nd or 3rd every year...which I was told is very unusual, as horses have their ups and downs. But I was also told that it would be a long time before another Colt came along. That statement has haunted me since.

I try not to compare them. I worked very hard to get where I did with Colt, but I've got to work a lot harder with Pierce...he's not nearly as forgiving.

My original goal with Colt was to "not make a fool of either one of us." Colt helped me succeed and surpass that goal.

Now I'm just trying to have the guts to try it again.


Terry and Linda said...

Keep the end you will be glad!


mugwump said...

Different horse, different adventures!

Shirley said...

It isn't fair to compare Colt and Pierce, even though they are related. The 3 full brothers from the Coyote Belle/Beamer cross are so very different from each other- laid back Rio, Nitro who lives up to his name and is a rocket with plenty of speed, and Kai who is a lot like his daddy- sweet and forgiving- and then there is their full sister K=Jazz who is definitely a diva. Rio is 15.3 hands, Kai is barely 14.3 hands. Just enjoy each horse for who they are, and don't fall into the trap of expecting one to be like the other. I'm sure Pierce will win your heart as he goes along, but getting there seems to take forever sometimes! I can't wait until Kai and I are a team out on the trails and in whatever events we enter.

Val Ewing said...

I've not walked in your shoes, but I have 3 mules all related but not full siblings. Each is very unique.
I have two sisters that are same in color and that is where the similarities end.

I hope his scars don't bother with the futurities. I did that with Badger when he was young and even though I didn't win a thing, I guess I wouldn't have traded him for any other competitor's animal.
You enjoy him.

A Quiet Corner said...

Variety is the spice of life, you know!!!!...:)JP

lisa said...

Different is good. Just gives you different challenges to accomplish. Positive thinking is called for. You have lots of us behind you on the journey!

CDH said...

It's hard not to compare. Especially when you have an awesome one.
Keep at it. He is still a youngster. He may just surprise you when it all comes together for him.

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