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Friday, August 15, 2014

Pierce ~ Gettin' Started

My intentions are always follow through is lacking...REALLY lacking.

My plan was to get him saddled, bridled, ground driven...all the stuff  that I've always done when starting a new colt. Also, I had decided to send him to a trainer for his first 30 days. Stuff just kept gettin' in the way...and a bit of procrastination stuck in here and there...I didn't make much progress.

July suddenly arrives, and I've got to make some serious decisions. The trainer that was first on my list to get his first rides with had the opportunity of a lifetime offered to him, and he moved out of state...awesome for him, bad for me.

But, I'd had a couple of back up people in mind...and I decided to ask if Amanda would take him. I've always liked her horses and how she rode...and then saw some of the colts she'd started on firmed up my decision. Between her schedule and mine, sooner was better than later.

So we hauled Pierce to Vale Oregon on July 6. She got to start him from scratch since I hadn't gotten much done with him. And, most trainers usually like it that way anyhow.

My Man had to document the big day!

We dropped him off, got to see where he'd be staying, and chatted with Amanda for a was HOT in Vale! We had to let her get to her riding before afternoon set in. But, we left knowing that he was in good hands.

Pierce checkin' out his new digs.
So Pierce went off to school...we hoped that he went to school with a mind ready to learn.


Shirley said...

He sure is a handsome boy- and i love his colour.

CDH said...

What a beauty!

Terry and Linda said...

He is a handsome fellow, that is for sure!


Maia said...

Your back, Yeah. We took our filly to trainer this summer. I suppose I
should start posting again, as me and not the cats

lisa said...

Very handsome. I know how you feel when you procrastinate! I seem to do the same thing.

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