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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jenkins' Ranch to Jackrabbit Flat

...been busy for the past three days with Rancher Dan. We sorted and moved the older cow pairs and all the bulls that wouldn't go to Jackrabbit. Day two we trailed them to Jenkins' three we took them to Jackrabbit Flat; their home until the end of summer.

Dawn at Jenkins' Ranch
Dawn at Jenkins' Ranch

Off the County Road and crossing the desert.

My two best friends.

By day three, Rastus is gettin' a bit tired, but he's still got some spark in his eye and a smile on his face!

Rastus and I are holding back these Tree Top Ranches heifers so they won't get into our herd.

The pairs are lined out nicely...and the first ones are at the gate leading into Jackrabbit Flat.

Livin' the dream...


Shirley said...

Now that's the kind of day I would like to have! Love Rastus.

lisa said...

Wow, now that is some view. With our mountains, we can't see that far!

Lady Locust said...

Looks great. Glad you have somewhere with feed rather than ashes. So much burned.
That sure is a good kind of tired at the end of the day.

CDH said...

Livin the life indeed!

Terry and Linda said...

Your two BFFs are just what is needed on a ranch!


Maia said...

What a great life and what perfect friends. And as always your shots are great.

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