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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Stills ~ Two-In-One Edition

This week's Sunday Stills Adventure in Photography photo challenge was "fruits and vegetables." Last week's challenge was "sunrise or sunset with buildings." I missed last week's because we were moving cows...but I had the, I'm posting it today!

I'll start with last week's challenge...

Snowy Sunrise
Snowy Sunrise
I think this was the last time we had snow...February 19. A sunrise with our barn.

To see other sunrise/sunset photos, go HERE.


For this week's challenge:

Veggies for my Swiss Steak recipe

Cantaloupe...a few fresh fruits are becoming more affordable.
It was a tasty change for breakfast today!

To check out other fruits and vegetable photos, go HERE.

OK...I can't help myself...this photo at least still goes along with the "food" category...someday anyhow...but she's just too cute not to show off!

Brockle Face Heifer
We've nicknamed her "Early Girl" since she was almost a month early.

Shirley asked if she was going to be part of our herd, and the answer is no. We're limiting ourselves to 5 breeding cows because that's about all our grazing land can sustain. So, this year's calves will be sold after weaning.

Hope you have an awesome Sunday!


cheyenne jones said...

What can I say, your stuff is good by anybody`s standards!

Celeste said...

What a little cutie Early Girl is :) and all those lovely chopped veggies have just made me hungry!

CDH said...

Beautiful sunrise. Never get tired of baby cow pics. Mama did a nice job cleaning her up :) congrats again.

Rebecca said...

Early girl needs to grow into her tag! :)

A Quiet Corner said...

Although I understand totally about herd size, Early Girl certainly would stand out in the crowd!...:)JP

Vaquerogirl said...

So cute~ Early Girl! Red Beefsteak... I'm gonna chuckle about that all day now. Great photos!

Val said...

Wow...we have a huge snow storm coming so I can say we still have snow!

Great shots, love the veggie shots, it isn't easy to make them look great like you did!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great shot of your wintery sunrise! That calf is so darn cute..and your cantaloupe looks yummy:)

Crystal said...

Mmm I am hungry now looking at your veggie shots. And Early Girl is pretty cute

Shirley said...

Since she won't be part of your herd, I hope she gets to be a mama cow for someone else someday.
We haven't had much snow here since before Christmas- just a skiff now and then that goes away the same day.

Candy C. said...

Great pictures! Little Early Girl sure has some pretty markings!
Dang, I think I'm gonna have to put Swiss Steak on the menu this week after looking at your beautiful veggies! :)

Eva said...

I love the cantaloupe shop, makes me want to go straight out and buy one.
And Early Girl is really cute.

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