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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ahem...I have nothin' cutesie for Valentine's's kinda just another day around here.

Lil' Ms Cindy Sue is going into the vet today to have her teeth cleaned. She was sound asleep, covered  up with her blankie when I woke her up to go potty at 5 AM...My Man is taking her with him to work and will run her to the vet office when they open. She was a bit confused looking this mornin' to say the least...poor lil' girl~

I took her in last week for a pre-check and it looked like there was a loose tooth that would need extraction...but I've been looking in her mouth since then, and can't find it. I'm hoping that the first diagnosis was wrong and she just needs the cleaning.

On a Mission
Ms Cindy Sue...on an important secret mission.

The weather's been on the upswing...still have an ice sheet by the gates into the two pastures, but with these 45 degree days it's slowly melting away, we're hoping by the weekend we can put Whiskey out in the rim pasture again.

Today, I'm loading Colt and Whiskey up to go ride at a friend's place...I've ridden once since last year, and I've got to get in gear...weekend after next is a cutting practice on Saturday and we're helping move cows for two days on Sunday and Monday. The boys need some legging up!

Brush off the mud, trim up the bridle's "back in the saddle again!"
I don't want to get too excited yet, but My Man and I are working out the details for me to ride in the clinic that Mugs at Mugwump Chronicles is having in Montana in July...crossing my fingers we can get it all lined out.

We've got to give up some things up in order to go; I'm only going to show in the local cutting club, no Lakeview or Harney County Futurity, and no Pendleton Roundup...but, oh my gosh, what a fun time to get to travel to Montana. I've never been there! We'll take the LQ horse trailer, Colt and Whiskey, and hopefully get to ride a few days with friends up around Missoula.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day. My Man will get a nice shrimp linguine dinner, a card and some, it's not all that boring 'round here  ;~)


SquirrelGurl said...

Glad to hear things are thawing out! Hope Ms Cindy Sue is feeling better soon. Storm Dog is due for a cleaning and he has a front tooth that is looking a little sketchy to me. It'll probably have to come out :-\

So jealous that you are going to Montana with Mugs!! I tried to get in on it but the loaner horses were snatched within 2 hours of the post! Oh well, guess it wasn't meant to be. Would have been an incredible experience. Maybe they'll do it again if this one goes well.

Can't wait to see pictures!

Val said...

Morris felt pretty out of it for a day after his teeth were done this fall.

He got a bit owly when I tried to worry over him and so I gave him space.

He was back to himself the next morning.
His teeth were very good for his age!

He sends his love to Cindy Sue.

Shirley said...

That looks like it will be a fun time in Montana! But.. no Pendleton Roundup this year? I always enjoy your photos from that event.

EvenSong said...

Glad things are thawing out. I went out the other day with the tractor and crunched up my last ice sheet (where I had piled snow over the winter), hoping that will help it disappear...

I'd LOVE to go to the Mugwump deal! But the gas would KILL me! And honestly, I'm not sure my mare is ready for that much of a challenge. As Squirrel Girl said, maybe they'll do it again, in a year...

Best wishes to Cindy Sue for a speedy bounce-back.

C-ingspots said...

Oh man, that sounds like a fun time!! I've been through lower Montana a time or two, but don't remember it much. I'd love to travel there. Sometimes it's worth giving up some things to get a real prize! Your Valentine's Day sounds pretty normal to me, I gave my hubby a card and some chocolate and a big ole kiss this morning. It's special enough. Your horses look about as hairy and muddy as ours do, can't wait to start riding again.

A Quiet Corner said...

Hope all goes well so you can participate and with the little pooch as well! Happy Valentine's Day!...:)JP

CDH said...

Sounds like fun in Montana. Glad your ice is melting. Ours is gone here and we've had sunny days into the mid 40's. What elevation are you down there?

gtyyup said...

SquirrelGurl~That's what you get for moving to the east coast!! If you were still in PDX, you'd be goin'...was lookin' forward to seein' ya again :(

EvenSong~Yes...the fuel IS going to kill us! But, life's too short!

CDH~We're at 4160. What's left of the snow and ice is mostly on the north sides of the under that rim rock of ours; it's nice shade in the summer, but sometimes a bugger in the winter. We've been at freezing at night and in the mid 40's during the day. Some pretty nice days really!

Ed said...

Bring on the big thaw! I bet Colt can't wait to get moving again..:-)

Candy C. said...

Your Valentine's dinner sounds yummy! I hope you get to go to the clinic in Montana, sounds like it would be a lot of fun! :)

Pia said...

What a Valentine´s Day for Cindy Sue.... a compensation would be more than appropriate. Hope your girl is fine!

Jori said...

Happy late Valentines Day! Cute doggie, and that horse is front of the chippy blue barn is gorgeous!!

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