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Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Fences ~ It's a Job

Participating in this week's Friday Fences...check it out!!

My fence this week isn't pretty or photogenic...but it's where all fences begin~

A fence can be many things...from decorative to useful...wood, plastic, rock or metal (and anything and everything in between)...they all have one thing in had to be built.

Putting in a good H brace is key for a strong fence.
Having friends (in this case the brother-in-law) help is BONUS!!

This particular fence boarders our side yard toward the hill and needed to be rebuilt. The posts had rotted off at the base, but the wire was still good to reuse. We've been propping up the fence with boards to keep it from falling over for the past two years. It's a 6 foot fence that keeps the deer out and the dogs in.

Fence building takes lots of contemplation...and
tools...and equipment...and a maybe a good dog too.
Starring at it doesn't get it done, but you hope it prevents
you from making a mistake and having to do it over!

Tenacity, perseverance, grit, muscle...and maybe a few bad words muttered
under your breath helps get the job done.
My Man loves to build fence (Lord knows why), but when he
builds one, it stays up for a LONG time. He learned that from his dad.

The fence, according to My Man, must be straight or it's not a good fence!

And, it's still a work in progress...

The first four photos were from Thanksgiving weekend and the above photo is from this morning. The fence still needs the rail across the top (like the two posts in the foreground) and the bottom, between each post, will have a 4 x 6 retaining wall to keep the erosion dirt out of the yard...which also keeps the dogs from digging under the fence.

For now it's keeping the dogs in...just another project that isn't finished. Hmmmmm...what was that New Year's resolution on yesterday's post?...finish projects!!! Ha! Just one of many projects that need finishing.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Cedar View Paint Horses said...

That's my kinda fence - sturdy. Good to see a PHD on that tractor. I wouldn't wanna dig that soil by hand.

mugwump said... back hurts....

Janis said...

No that is some hard work...good job!

Kim, USA said...

Wow pretty good job here. I just wonder how the people long ago made all those long, strong and intricate fence. Thanks for the visit and Happy weekend!

Friday Fences

lisa said...

Nice fence! The hubby will get up set with me when he runs the auger and I get the hole lined up wrong too! He is stickler about tight and sturdy fences! We live to close to the highway for animals to be getting out.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

It's good to see master fence builders at work!

Ten Thousand Rooftops

Anonymous said...

What an AWESOME backyard! Wow! =)
Excellent fence, too =)

Margaret said...

Hard work, but years of service and the dogs will be happy and safe. I love the donkeys in the back ground!

TexWisGirl said...

very nice fence! glad you mentioned the deer to explain the height! :)

Anonymous said...

So nice to meet you through Friday's Fences. What a lovely setting for your home. My muscles ache just seeing these pics of the fence being constructed!

Dreaming said...

Well, now you've done it. You've gone and made me feel guilty! We still have some dog fence that is just kinda wrapped around the corner posts and posts by the gates. I need to get out there with the fence stretcher and staples. Yup... a work in progress! Maybe I'll get to that fence after I repair the wire that the deer pulled down!

Rose said...

That fence looks like it will last a lifetime...

Rhonda said...

Nice fence - good work. :)

Danielle Barlow said...

Hmm, I could do with a loan of your Man. Mine has no interest in fence mending, and I have to bribe my neighbour with lots of lunches to help me bash posts in and stretch wire!

Roan said...

That is a really sturdy fence, but then why build a rickety one. lol Loved the picture where he is just looking at the fence. Reminds me of my father. He always had to spend time thinking during a project. Thoroughly enjoyed your post.

Linda said...

Putting up a fence like that is hard work, but what a beauty it is when it is done! And a testament to the builder's skills when it stays up! Thanks for sharing this project!

Val said...

I get that totally! My husband is anal about how straight his fencing is...and it is between us and the neighbor who of course has been absent for a while!

Good fences make good neighbors, or so I hear.

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