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Friday, October 28, 2011

More Fall Photos~Farm Photo Friday

~I've won more bets than any man I know.~ 
~Alberta Canyon 1886~

This post just kinda expands on yesterday's post...fall activities from the past few I liked, but didn't get a chance to post. I thought today would be a good day to get 'er done!

I'm participating in Fresh from the Farm's Farm Photo Friday...check out the other farm photos!!

My expanded raised garden beds gave us a wonderful bounty this year. I don't think anything tastes better than food grown in your own garden.

Fresh From the Garden
Fresh from the Garden

When the weather forecast predicted night time temps to get down into the teens, I decided I better get the last of the onions pulled and save anything else I could from the freezing temperatures. The Walla Walla Sweet onions proved to be quite a wheelbarrow full!

I've got them in a cool, dry, dark place, and would like to make onion braids. Has anyone done them before and have any tips? Please leave a comment and let me know!

Onions to Cry...err...Die For!
Onions anyone? I think onion rings!!

Fruit trees aren't real common here in SE Oregon...with the short growing season, cold springs, and it's been known to snow in July, some years you just don't get a crop...but this year was the best I've seen in the six year's we've been here. We just have the one apple tree; a Northern Spy we think. They made wonderful apple crisp and applesauce!

An Apple a Day
An Apple a Day

We're late in getting our two calves weaned...but this weekend the deed will get done. Number Three and Black Calf will go over to a friend of ours and pasture with his 50 head of calves. After 30 days, we'll bring Number Three back home to be part of our cow herd...Black Calf will go to Producers auction...he'll make some mighty fine beef. Goof sure makes nice calves!

Time to Wean
Number Three is growing nicely...she'll be a nice lil' heifer!
We're excited to expand our tiny herd.

Fall time is a busy time for the ranchers. I always like getting a phone call for help. On a day ride, we gathered Rancher Dan's first year heifers off of Moon Hill and trailed them down to their ranch.

Gathering Heifers in the Fall
Gathering first year heifers for Rancher Dan.

Down Into the Canyon
Heading down into the canyon.

McCoy Creek Canyon
Here the heifers are home at McCoy Creek Canyon...
one of the prettiest places in Harney County.

On another weekend, we helped trail his mother cows north to their winter pasture...a two day drive.

Enjoying the Ride
Me and Colt...trailing the herd.

It's about a 23 mile trip. As we drive the cows along the county road, pickups with horse trailers come to do the same thing on another ranch, and livestock semi trucks come through loaded with calves heading for I said...everyone's busy getting things done before winter sets in.

Winter Pasture
Arriving at winter pasture.

These cows will calve here next spring...the calves will get branded...and we move them back south to summer pasture...the circle of life goes on~


Cheyenne said...

Lovely shots, you do look cool!.....I also like that Colt.

Reddunappy said...

I would love to ride along and take pictures!!! Beautiful!!!

5 Starr's Farm said...

Hi Gtyyup, Doing the same here, getting ready for winter and picking. Not much left in my garden, bell peppers and tomatoes.
Colt looks great, what a gentleman, going along with his head down. I'm with Reddunapppy, would love to go riding and pictures taking.

Rhonda said...

I enjoyed this post - everything from the beautiful fresh produce to driving the cattle to pasture. :) Colt looks good!

Mikey said...

Gorgeous pics!

Anonymous said...

These are amazing pictures of ranch life. I don't think of ranches and short growing seasons when I think Oregon. You've got me thinking onion rings now. :-)


Shirley said...

My garden is all pulled too, and tomorrow I help the cattleman bring his (little) herd of horned Herefords in to take to their homeplace for the winter. Should take all of a half an hour- but hey- at least me'n'Beamer get to gather cows!

Annette said...

After participating in a short (maybe 3 mile) drive moving a small herd (maybe 25) to a new pasture I have tons, I mean TONS of respect for what you do. Long hours. And it aint easy. Tedious, yes. Mindless, no.

Val said...

My grandmother used to braid her onions and hang them in the cellar.

As for when and how? I don't know!

I love the shot with your horse's ears in it!

Crystal said...

Love the pics, sure is nice moving cows in pretty country like that!

I used to braid my onions (didnt have enough this year, we just ate them all) I layed em out in the sun for a day or two then run string down with one strand and braid three (or more if they are little) together and hand them on nails by the string. They seem to last all winter and into the spring hanging in my cold room in the basement. Hope that helps, and now Im wanting onion rings too!

Mary said...

Your garden gatherings look spectacular! Your are so right, home grown fare taste so much better. I was trying to find how to make onion braids with pictures, and this is what I found.

It looks like you practically need 3 hands to do it. I'm thiking a "bloomin onion" would be good too!
I love how you protrayed the circle of life. Wonderful photos!

Kim said...

Wow! Your garden produce looks amazing. I also enjoyed the photos of your cattle herd. I just got back into the house after helping work heifers this morning.

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