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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Days

~I try to trust life, but it keeps knocking me on my bottom.~
~Laura Dawn 1875~

We've had pretty sunrises all week, but the mornings have been cold; it's been in the mid teens the past few mornin's...a whoppin' 20 this morn. We took the tank floats out last weekend, but haven't put the tank heaters in yet...tryin' to deny that winter is coming...but we're breaking ice on the tanks...

Pastel Dawn
...guess our awesome fall has probably come to a close. It's supposed to be in the low 60's during the day and mid 30's this weekend...I can do that!!

Ol' Man Toby is gettin' his costume ready for Halloween...
I remember when I first started blogging that I carved a pumpkin and posted for I checked the date...two days ago 10/25/11, was the three year blogiversary for Life at the Rough String. My, how the years fly by! This past summer I didn't get very many posts done...other things seemed to take precedence. Lately I've been trying to figure out how to cut out the distractions...I think the biggest distraction is FaceBook...that stupid ticker thing keeps rolling and it's addicting. I like to see the new photos people are posting...but I've had it up to my eyeballs with the stupid jokes and cartoons...if you've got a suggestion how to get that stuff off of FaceBook, let me know!!

Great Horned Owl...youngster or adult?

I have some bad news about the owl family. While I was gone at the Mike Bridges Clinic a month ago, My Man found one of the owls on the ground at the irrigation pump. It most likely died from electrocution. We found a stray cat up on the electric pole one time...not alive...ewwy; poor thing.

What we can't figure out is whether the owl that died was the male adult or one of the youngsters. I'm pretty sure that the female is still here in the elm trees, then I spotted this one yesterday too. The youngsters are now 8 months old, so I don't think they have any of their baby fuzz left. This one doesn't have any, but neither did the one that was found's sad.

I've done some internet searching, but wasn't able to find whether the pairs mate for life. I hope not, and that the female will find a new mate. We enjoy seeing them, and that round hole in the rim rock is the perfect nest. If you have any info, please leave a comment.

On a happier note, Dr. Jessica came out yesterday to perform Brego's pre-purchase exam.

Smile for the Camera!

Brego has a prospective buyer...and a few back up options too. But, this buyer will be flying out from Virginia to meet Brego this weekend! If the buyer decides to take him, Brego will go into training for the winter months with Corrine Elser. She's an awesome young trainer with lots of mustang well as just good common sense horsemanship. Then in the spring, he'll get shipped back to Virginia where he'll be venturing into some Cowboy Dressage (from what I understand). It's very exciting...but nothing's final yet.

Saturday will be the day of "yea or nay"...or would that be Yeah or Neigh?!? Keep those good thoughts for Brego comin'...


Cheyenne said...

handsome horse!....With a good future, BTW! That sunrise? fantastic.

SquirrelGurl said...

How neat for Brego! He'll be moving just south of me, there's some beautiful horse country out in Virginia and some awesome trail riding in the western parts. Buttercup and I have had some grand adventures there.

Winter is fast approaching, they are saying we might even see some snow flurries this weekend! Yikes!

chandra said...

Happy blogiversary! I'm sorry to hear about the owl but that's good news about Blego's prospects.

The sunrise photo is gorgeous. I live in Portland and my skin in certainly thinner than yours - it's been 40 in the morning here and I've been complaining!

-Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Rhonda said...

Yep, that cold weather's starting to creep in more often. We've got a frost warning here in Oklahoma tonight. Had a nice rain today, sure thankful. Best wishes for Brego - I hope things work out!

cdncowgirl said...

Have to admit I post lots of pics/cartoons on Facebook. I figure its my revenge for having to scroll through all that stupid game stuff lol

I just go on Facebook to chat with a couple girlfriends and keep up with family. I try to just go on and scroll through the updates and jump off.

Annette said...

Sending positive thoughts to you and Brego. Cowboy dressage -- wow -- I bet he'll be awesome.
And its just way too cold in your neck of the woods. Fall over? It's not even Halloween yet!

Shirley said...

Happy blogiversary- hope you keep it up. I like blogs so much more than Facebook- more personal, and all that superfluous fluff on Facebook is really annoying.
Hope Brego has found his person.

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