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Friday, September 23, 2011

101st Pendleton Roundup~We Survived Another!

~Sometimes at night, I lie awake
thinking of faraway places.~
~Martha Lloyd 1904~

This was my 15th consecutive year to attend one of the biggest rodeos in the nation; the Pendleton Roundup. You know how I dislike change...well, in those 15 years, there really hasn't been all that much change. We see the same people year after year, we've parked our living quarters horse trailer in the same place, we walk everywhere we go, we eat at many of the same's almost the feeling of deja vu!

The Chutes
My first attempt at doing something in PhotoShop Elements.
I put two photos together.

There were some pretty big changes last year for the 100th Anniversary. The West bleachers were replaced with a covered grandstand, the statue (below) was put in, and the whole front cyclone fence was replaced with a brick and wrought iron fence.

But really, that's about all that's changed.

Tough Enough to Wear Pink?
Is My Man "tough enough to wear pink?"
I think so!
Every Thursday is Tough Enough to Wear Pink day
to raise breast cancer awareness and funds for that cause.
We scored some North grandstand tickets for Thursday, so it's always fun to sit up behind the chutes and watch the action.

As we walked around to the North side, I spied this group of rough stock horses...I do believe they were deep in conversation among themselves as to how best whip the cowboys that day!

In Cahoots
"Hey Pard...which cowboy did you draw today?"

Every grand entry is always emotional and sets the stage for a great rodeo!

This is the man who is responsible for opening the chute gate for every cowboy.
He definitely takes the job seriously...which is a good thing.

Cowboy LifeSavers
Cowboy LifeSavers...I enjoy watching them and their awesome horses
just as much as watching the contestants.

Bull Fighter at Work
Joe Baumgartner doing what he does best...saving a cowboy.
Pendleton was his last rodeo...he's retiring from fighting bulls.
He's been at every Roundup since I've been going.
What an awesome athlete he is...and he'll be missed by everyone.

There's always something good to look at...

Nice A$$
I'm lookin' at the horse's butt...whatcha think I was talkin' 'bout?   hee hee!!

The Indian relay racers are totally crazy...but they're sure good at what they do!

Indian Relay Racers
Running full bore...bareback...amazing!

Friday morning's parade was the usual "Fantastic" motorized vehicles...just horses, mules, and oxen.

Parade Flags
These four followed the American flag...and behind them
came 100 more riders carrying American flags...totally inspiring.

The native Americans play a very large part of the Roundup....since the rodeo's inception 101 years ago. Saturday morning, we watched some of the dance competitions. The costumes, drums, and chanting were awesome. I took some video and will get that posted really gives you the true appreciation of how hard they work to carry on their tribe's tradition and history. Tribes from all over the country come to participate.

Indian Dancers
Different costumes signify the tribes.

Indian Dancer 2
You can see the bells on this dancer. Only the men dancers wore the bells.
I loved the colors of their beading.

Indian Dancer 1
In the old days, I'm sure the Indians wore actual animal skins.
In the modern age, I suppose PETA would be all over them.
I'd prefer to see the true traditions.

I suppose we'll be back again next year...until then...Let 'er Buck!


5 Starr's Farm said...

HI GTYYUP, Sorry haven't been by for awhile. WOW ! You and Colt did great at the Futurity and a fine job roping...I'm a lefty, so more of a corner and catch roper. I lived in Washington a couple of years the tribes up there and Organ sure do beautiful bead work. Someday hope to see the Pendleton Show. Well summers over and we'll all be complaining about winter soon. Keep in touch.

Jeni said...

Love the action shot of the "cowboy savers" wow !

Never been to a rodeo - not like they have any of mention here in Ohio tho - after seeing your pictures I may have to travel west and find one!

dr momi said...

Enjoyed all your pics!!

Shirley said...

Some fantastic photos- your photography sure has changed over the years- these seem so much more close up.

Mary said...

Lovin' the butts ;-) There was not a peep about it in the news over here on the other side of the mountain, I don't get it. I can imagine seeing all of those flags must have been breathtaking, to say the least. and I'm with you, genuine skins please. Keep it real for cripes sake. Great photos!

lisa said...

Just awesome, thanks for sharing. I always love a rodeo and it has been a while since I have been to a good one!

Cheyenne said...

Hi Gtyyup, sorry have`nt popped by for some time. Thanks for sharing this, loved it, and could do with more of the same.

Crystal said...

Missed another one, One day I am gonna get to that rodeo! I hear its one of the better ones. Love the butt pic :) And the clowns, sure are amazing, no way I want to get that close to a bull if I dont have too

Sarah said...

there were so many great photos to comment on I can't get to them all. The Native American dancers were amazing! I would have loved to see that. And I'm with you, complete authenticity would have been really special! Maybe I'll have to head to Pendleton for the rodeo one of these days! Looks like a lot of fun to be had!

Jake said...

Looks like a great time!!! I'll have to put that on my to do list.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Great post!

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