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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Mornin' Ramblings

~If you're going to be a writer,
the first essential is just to write.
Do not wait for an idea.
Start writing something and the ideas will come.
You have to turn the faucet on 
before the water starts to flow.~
~Louis L'Amour~

I have this printed and posted at my desk. I've read so many times on other blogs that they're just in a slump and can't quite figure out what to blog about. This has helped me a few times when I seemed to be "empty" of any ideas. The other thing that gets my mind moving are photos...but you've already figured out that I tend to like photos  ;~)

Frost on the Deck

This mornin' we had the first real freeze! I even broke water on the troughs 'cause it was pretty thick. There was a nice frost covering everything and the sun was shining too...a stunning mornin' in "God's Country."

Hazey Fall Mornin'

Tonight we're supposed to have 70% chance of snow/rain and 40% tomorrow. Ty at the 3J Ranch called last evening and wanted to know if I could help gather and sort either today or tomorrow...YES!! Well, today would have been the better day, but they decided on tomorrow...guess I better get out the serious winter riding could be a long, cold day.

My neighbor friend Sam is coming over around noon today to ride. Sam competes pretty successfully in teh barrel circuit and I've been helpin' her with some stuff with her new horse she just got a few weeks ago. It's nice to have someone to ride with.

It's going to be Gus' first outing to the big arena. I've been riding him in the hackamore and he's coming along much better than in the snaffle. I've got a call in to our "new" mobile vet...who specializes in equine...we're all very excited about get everyone's teeth checked. I'm sure Gus hasn't had his wolf teeth removed, so I know that's a big part of the snaffle issue. But, he's doing really well in the hackamore, and if all goes as well as it has been, I'll just leave him in it and follow the training structure that I'm learning from Mike Bridges.

It's Too Early

Cowboy must not have gotten a very good sleep!!!

OK...why is it that horse poop balls taste much better when they're frozen?!? Because of the freeze this mornin', Cowboy and Bella Jo were packin' around what I call sh*tsicles...what fun!

Tat Goes for a Stroll

Tat loves to help feed too...he usually follows me every mornin' and evenin'. For a 13 year old cat, he's doin' pretty darn good. He felt a lil' bit thin, so we're supplementing his kibble with a bit of canned cat food in the mornin' and he's startin' to fatten up! He'll be good for another winter I'm sure.

I Love Cookies!

Ahhhhh...and Bella Jo...she sure enjoyed her "Gotcha Day" celebration...the cookies were the best! Thanks for all the wonderful comments on that post...I read them all to her...she was very proud!

I've got a new recipe in the crock pot...and the kitchen is startin' to smell mighty good...the wood stove's a goin'...and daylight's burnin'~


texwisgirl said...

My doggies love the horse poop too - I'd much rather see them take to the frozen ones than the green and still steaming ones! UGH! That's the only time it grosses me out when it's just too darn fresh! :)

Love the first shot - bokeh in both foreground and background. Stunning!

Cowgirl Rae said...

Well the snow is arriving, the east wind is blowing here, and the sky has that lead flat look..... sigh and saturday was so pretty too..... Thats funny how Gus prefers the bosal, I started my roany filly in the snaffle and it seemed too much pressure for her she was too light and when I took hold of her she got scared, so I put her in the rawhide side pull, well now that she has about 15 or 20 rides and really understands my body position I recently put her back in the snaffle and she is light as air (with control) and really understands what I'm asking, listening to my legs and seat, turns off my legs and I have all the whoa I need with seat control.

I'm having such fun with her, after struggling with cricket I was beginning to doubt my ability as a trainer LOL, she was a major challenge and not in a fun way.

As I was typing the ground turned white..... hope its good for you tomorrow, keep your ears covered.

Crystal said...

Hope its not too cold tommorow to ride in, its fun to ride in snow but not windy.
I put one of my horses in the hackamore last year and she was so amazing in it (her teeth were bad too and she was bred so they didnt want to do her then) I still havent moved her out of it cause shes awesome in it.

Linda said...

I often have weeks with not a thing to post too....I love the top picture,

Sydney_bitless said...

Everyones getting cold but this week here has been completely gorgeous! I was out without a sweater on today.

Shirley said...

Lovely photos, your cat is only a year older than my Bubby cat; he dropped some weight so I started him on canned food along with his kibble too- it seems to have stopped the weight loss.

Cheyenne said...

I`m in a bit of a slump! But your blog cheers me up. BTW, my 5, like to each take turns and roll in the same poo! Urgh! Good job they sllep in the barn!

CTG Ponies said...

Pretty pics! I use photos when I have a block. It really does help.

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