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Monday, July 12, 2010

A Date at the Ranch Hand Rodeo

What more could I ask for than to spend our wedding anniversary day at the annual Ranch Hand Rodeo with My Man?!?

We sat with our good friends, Judy and Don, we got to know some more people from other areas in the County, and we just didn't do a darn thing but enjoy the day!!

Cindy Sue came along to keep us company too!

I took a bunch of photos, and these are some of my favorites...(my "best photo of the day" will be posted on Wordless Wednesday this week!)

Hangin' On
Glen Shelley, the pick up man, is having just as much fun as the rider!

Let 'er Buck Ol' Paint
Yes, they get to use two hands in Ranch Hand competition.

Ride that Bronc
Whoops...he's lost a stirrup!

1st Prize
This is first prize...rawhide braided romel reins, silver bit and headstall~

Rodeo~A Family Affair
Rodeo is always a family affair!

Lil' Buckaroos
In a few short years, these lil' buckaroos will be out there in the big arena.

The All Girl Team
This is the all girl team: The Kings River Gals

The Gals Get Their Steer Roped
The gals got their steer headed and heeled...

Kings River Gals~Ranch Doctoring
Done! They got a good time in the Ranch Doctoring!

I tell you what, those gals are tough!

Ranch Rodeo is a team sport; four on a team and there were 24 teams. Each team competes in Team Branding, Saddle Bronc, Ranch Doctoring, Muley Roping, Wild Cow Milking and Horse Roping...that makes for a very long day! It was hot too...90 degrees.

1st place gets the bridles, but there was a bunch of great stuff for 2nd and 3rd places too!

Wishin' I Was Competing
I would expect to see this young man out there in the near future.

Hold Her Still!!
The cow milking is always fun to watch...those cows are BIG...and MEAN!

I've Got Milk!
He's not gonna spill a drop!

After the rodeo, we went to the Pine Room for a delicious dinner, headed home and watched a movie...It was a perfect Date with My Man!


Oregon Equestrian said...

Great photo story. Love the prize headstalls lined up.

I'm sorry to say I've never heard of the Ranch Hand Rodeo. I was going to ask where it was held, but you said dinner at the Pine Room. I'm guessing Bend?

Anyhoo...wonderful shots of life "out west."

Shirley said...

I like Ranch Rodeos; there are a couple in Alberta, I especially like the team aspect of it. Great photos and looks like it was the perfect anniversary date!

Linda said...

Yee-haw...We should enter up...I need one of those headstalls;)

Crystal said...

Those are excellent prizes! Looks like a fun day was had!

CTG Ponies said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! Love the all girl team!

Maia said...

Perfect exposure, perfect focus, perfect eye. You are so getting there.

gtyyup said...

Oregon Equestrian~No, we're Burns folks! This was held at the Harney County Fairgrounds. Glad you liked the pics!

Sydney_bitless said...

What a perfect date. Happy anniversary. Can't wait for wordless Wednesday.

wendy said...

What a great day for sure. I love Rodeo's. You took some great pictures.

The Wife said...

Sounds like the perfect day! Loved the pictures.

Rhonda said...

Glad you had such a great day with your husband! That all sounded awesome. :) I enjoy ranch rodeos. We had one here a year or so ago, and it was really interesting to see it first hand. Enjoyed your pictures, and it was really neat to see the all-girl team! :)

Breathe said...

I was in my own rodeo, completely unintentional - yours looks a lot more fun!

Mikey said...

Those are such great pictures! Love the all girl team :) And when I saw those bridles, I drooled. Those are SWEEET!

lisa said...

I would love to see a ranch rodeo, I think they would be so much more down home than the pros are! (but I so do love the pros also!) Thanks for sharing!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! Those bits are heavy machinery, aren't they? What are they called? I like the braided reins and the bridles, though. Beautiful handi-work.

The cow milking cracked me up. How silly is that? lol! I suppose if a calf is orphaned that it's a useful skill being able to milk a meat cow, but the photo of that cowboy covering the container made me giggle! lol!

The cowboys riding the bucking broncos are just nuts! It's funny how we try to keep off of bucking horses and these guys are doing it for a living and for fun! lol!

Is that guy in the second photo really wearing a neck brace? See...I told you them cowboys were nuts! haha!

I am loving that cowboy wearing the pink shirt. Handsome fella!


gtyyup said...

LOR~The bits are called a half-breed (that's from what I know, which is limited). They're similar to what I'm moving Colt up into now in the two-rein. Obviously, there has to be a lot of training that goes on before the horse graduates to this type of bit (usually from the hackamore and the two-rein). Horses at that level are prized because of the lightness in their mouth. It's a signaling bit...not used in any way like other shanked bits. Bits are only as severe as the hands that hold the reins.

Rebecca2 said...

I just ran across your blog today. Your photos are unbelievably good. I can't imagine how you managed to get the action photos.

Rebecca2 in Nevada

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