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Saturday, July 31, 2010

All the Pretty Bales in a Row

~If you tell the truth, a man doesn't have a chance to talk back.~
~Cecilia Adams 1900~

Hay Man Rudy and his wife Marsha started baling early this AM...I was pretty groggy, but I think it was 3:30 or so.

All the Pretty Bales in a Row
Small 2-string bales...and the baler sitting in the windrow.
About 5:30 or so the breeze came up and Marsha lost the moisture in the east field with the 2-stringers. Rudy was baling the mid-size bales in the west field and for some reason he still had enough moisture to finish the field.

So, My Man and I are spending the day hauling the mid-size bales off the field to the stack yard. I get to drive the semi-truck...Cindy Sue will be my trusty co-pilot! Rudy will bring the bale wagon and pick up the 2-stringers.

Then we have to lay down the main line and start the wheel lines on the west field...and start one of the wheel lines in the east field.

That should bring up the moisture this evening, and they can finish the east field in the AM.

So, no trip to Central Oregon for the Wild Trails Horse Expo...or the concert with Don Edwards...we're bummed. 

This is specially for My Man:


Sarah said...

Hate that you missed your weekend event, but I know your glad to have all that hay! I bet it smells like heaven at your place right now!

CCC said...

Funny how work gets in the way of having fun.

Sydney_bitless said...

Hay is a good time. I've lifted around 10 thousand this year. I got about 500 more to go on Monday.

Ed said...

Work can be fun at times, great shot of the field..:-)

Rhonda said...

It's interesting to read how it goes with growing alfalfa. Hope you get the baling and stacking finished alright!

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Ok, you'll have to explain this moisture thing. Here, we want the hay dry when we bale it. Dry. In the sweaty midwest, any moisture turns to mold, and we all know that's not good. Cut, rake and bale all in the early afternoon when the humidity is at the lowest and it's hotter-n-the blazes.

gtyyup said...

Cedar View Paint~Here on the east side of Oregon,it's high desert...very dry with only 9" of rain a year. Humidity is VERY low. Without enough moisture to hold the alfalfa leaves together, they crumble and turn to powder. Then all you have are dry stems. The moisture for baling needs to be 10%-12%. This is tested with a probe into the bale. Too much moisture it'll mold and not enough it'll not make good flakes of hay in the bale. This time of year which is the hottest and driest part of summer, we have the "lack of moisture" issue.

Crystal said...

Too bad you missed the weekend stuff, but its worth it to have the hay for the winter. We are almost done here as well if the thunderstorms they are predicting dont come today.

Shirley said...

Too bad about missing the Expo and Don Edwards! Loved the video, he has such a smooth voice. Have you heard Leanne Rimes duet with Eddie Arnold doing Cattle Call?

gtyyup said...

Shirley~Yes, it's a beautiful duet! Amazing what modern technology can do.

5 Starr's Farm said...

My Mom and Cindy, just saw him here in CA last week.

Merri said...

that is a pretty sight that will make many horses happy in the future!
- The Equestrian Vagabond

jayayceeblog said...

Thanks for sharing the Don Edwards video. It was perfect background music for viewing your gorgeous photos!

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