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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Which Season Is It?!?

There IS a reason I'm confused...

Last week it definitely felt like winter with the cold temps that we had and a bit of snow too.

This week is feels like fall again.

Friday is supposed to reach 72 degrees and Saturday 74...back to summer again?

Oh well...just takin' each day as it comes.

The past couple of days, we've had typical Harney County fall wind. It doesn't want to let up and it makes going outdoors undesirable to say the least. As I fed the herd last night, we had a good rain shower too.

But the clouds across the way were very eerie.

The setting sun brought out a beautiful hue.

Call me crazy, but the clouds reminded me
of a sows udder.
Maybe I need more socialization ;~)

Colt brought this with him to breakfast.
This is a real cheap way to desensitize your horse!
They're every where and we'll have to pull them
out of the fence lines and burn them.

After feeding time, the wind and rain quit and it was as still as could be. Ahhhhh...much better!

Cindy Sue found some ol' bone
to chew on...maybe a deer neck.

Cowboy's givin' me the
"come on Mom...kick the ball" look!

Today I've got to get out to the garden and dig up the rest of my onions and tear out all the frozen, dying tomato and zucchini plants. I'm sure going to miss my tomatoes...we've only got a few left in the fridge...

Enjoy your fall day!



Mrs Mom said...

I love that expression on Cowboy's face! He sure is a handsome fellow.

Colt found a neat toy! Wonder if you could list that on eBay ro some such and sell them as the latest in horse toys/ desensatizing tools.... ;)

Shirley said...

Did my Christmas baking today- My brandy fruitcake. Mmmmmm....sure smells good!

lisa said...

I know what you mean! We still have mudd season (spring)! I guess we take it as it comes!

C-ingspots said...

GORGEOUS cloud photos!!! A bit on the eerie side, yes--but...a cow's udder!? LOL!! I don't see it.
Tis so sad about the garden tomatoes I have to agree...I too, will surely miss my tomatoes. I will miss many things about the passing summer...all too short in my opinion. *sigh* Here in western Oregon, seems like we go from summer to winter, with very little fall in between. Winter - meaning wet of course. Guess I'd better cowgirl up and shut up!!

Tracey said... more tomatoes? That is a sure sign of summer's end. So sad...

Anonymous said...

yup here in montana we've had time warps too... 4 inches of snow 10 degrees... today it's 50 and sunny..

happy trails

Paint Girl said...

We are getting that back and forth weather too. It is so hard, we get used to the upper 60's than bam! it's in the 30's. We are back to rain now. Yuck.
I love Cindy Sue's blanket! So cute!

Paty Jager said...

I agree this back and forth is for the birds. Monday we had freezing rain. Today 70's.

Great photos.

Linda said...

LOL Sow's udders? You seriously have to start getting out more!

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