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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Week in the Life~Day 2 of 7

The last of the cabbage from the garden :(
The horseshoe on a barbed wire wreath
My picture window during the wind/rain/mud storm
Apples bobbing in the wind
Wine bottles
Morning sun coming through the lilac leaves
Fresh eggs from the "Girls"
Colt at breakfast

By the way~~
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Jocelyn said...

Good Morning! You have great pictures!
How do you do the collage thing????

Anonymous said...

just another day in paradise eh? :)


C-ingspots said...

Very nice pictures. I love the collage thing too - how do you do it?? We were sort of (I think) in your neighborhood last weekend. We went to Ritter Hot Springs which is 83 miles South of Pendleton on Hwy 395 - Harney County I think. Very cool place - we sat in the hot springs.

gtyyup said...

Jocelyn & C-ingspots~I use my Microsoft Publisher program. I just make a frame and put the photos inside the frame. I entered a text box with the gtyyup Day 2 of 7 stuff in it. I can change the fill colors around. Then I "group" the whole thing together and it allows me to save it as a "picture file" jpg or gif.

C-ingspots~you were still about 2 1/2 hours north of me. Ritter is in Grant County which is just north of Harney County. I love that area up there...the trees!!!! So beautiful. We would have liked to live there, but their employment opportunities are next to nil. But,'re gettin' close!

Anonymous said...

Love the collage! I need to learn how to do that. Also Happy Anniversary on your 1yr. of blogging. Boy, time sure does fly doesn't it? :)

Kathleen Coy said...

Very cool series, can't wait to see the rest of the week! :-)

Jayke said...

That's a gorgeous picture of Abby, she looks so statuesque.

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