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Friday, October 16, 2009

End of Garden Season

It was a perfect day yesterday afternoon to get some garden chores done. I started out with a jacket and pealed it off in less than 5 minutes!

The chicken coop is next to the garden and the Girls were givin' me the "one eye look" as usual...which means they want something...they don't really care what it is, they just want it.

They have not been out of their, this seemed like a good time. I just hoped they would go back in when I needed them to.

The "Girls" strutting their stuff!
They had a great time pickin' bugs 'n grass...and
they even came back into the coop when
it was feeding time!

Well, onto my sorry lookin' garden. I knew it was bad...I just hadn't been close enough to see how bad it really was...

What a mess!
And what a shame I had to toss out more
tomatoes than I could count.
Underneath all that tangled mess were tons of
huge, beautiful...but green...frozen tomatoes!

My acorn squash never did have a chance.
They and my zucchini had a lack of calcium
which gives them what is termed
"bloom end rot."
They make a foliage calcium spray to help the plants,
but no one in Burns carried it.
For next spring I have to supplement my ground
with calcium and that should take care of the problem.

But, look what's under all that mess of vines!
Yummy Walla Walla Sweet Onions!

After a couple of hours, the mess was transformed.
And, with the Girl's approval, the job was finished!

Pickin' bugs...yum...eesh...

My labors did not go without reward!

I think liver & onions is on the menu soon...well, for me anyhow...My Man won't touch the stuff!

The day wasn't all work...Cowboy had to get a lil' fun in!



Reddunappy said...

Hey Karin, I read up on blossom end rot because I have the same problem. And actually horse manure is supposed to be really good for this! I know you have plenty of that LOL Mulch your garden with it this winter and hopefully that will take care of it for next year. It did help in mine, I need to put more on though. Good luck.

Country Whispers said...

Can't say I blame your man on passing up the liver and onions but hope you enjoy it.
Isn't it depressing when your gardens don't do well after all the work that you put into them. For me, it's just a learning experience and I always hope that the next years crop does better.
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Love those strutting chickens - they could be on a poster!

the7msn said...

Only a dog let us bust him in the chops with the ball and bring it right back to us. That's one happy and well-trained Cowboy!

Paula said...

I'm gonna gag on the liver and onions but that dog is adorable! AND I'm loving the cabbage!

lisa said...

Those onions look huge! Mine weren't anywhere near that big! I can't even get in the gardens with out sinking into the mudd to clean them out! So, you are way ahead of me!!

Kathleen Coy said...

We used to have that same breed of hen when I was a kid, I think they were called Barred Rocks?
Cowboy plays a mean game of fetch, Cloud brings it back but won't let go, lol.

jane augenstein said...

oh, hey, my garden went to hell in a handbasket this year! LOL I did get quite a bit out of it but there would have been more if I had picked it instead of letting the weeds take over. Oh, well, better luck next year I always say!
Happy, happy chickens!!!
I'll be right out, I LOVE liver and onions!!!! YUM-O
great video of Cowboy! What a sweetie!!!

Christina said...

I love the chickens. We just got some in the spring and they too have never been out of the gave me hope that they might return so they may just get a day out soon.

Shirley said...

I like a little bacon fried up with the liver and onions; Ted won't eat it, so we rarely have it. Cute video!

HBFG said...

Nice post, nice lookin veggies and nice lookin girls! :))

Ed said...

The garden will be back, the chickens look too happy and Liver and Onions..YECCCHH! ..:-)

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