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Friday, September 25, 2009

Westward Ho! Parade~Pendleton Round-Up

The Westward Ho! Parade is a horseman's (or horsewoman's) dream parade. No motorized anything is allowed!

Marching bands, horse and mule drawn wagon, buggies, surreys, riders on horses and mules...anything and everything you could imagine. It is one of my favorite events at the Round-Up.

We walk down to the Travel Lodge where a whole lot of our friends stay which also happens to be where the parade begins.

A friendly game of Horse Sh*t Bingo is drawn in the middle of the street with chalk. You can buy a square for a buck and the square that gets the most "hits" wins the pot!

Our friend Tim brought his BBQ and we enjoyed Buerman Beer sausages (fresh from Harney County). And of course there were plenty of morning beverages being consumed.

Westward Ho!

The infamous mounted marching band.
Serious!! They're pretty dang good too!

Oxen drawn Conestoga wagons.

The oxen pull two wagons.
Can you see the Horse Sh*t Bingo game drawn in the street?

This is the Oregon Governor's Guard.
One of my fav's.

Almost all of the Indians from the Village participate
in the Parade. If they aren't riding, they ride
in wagons or walk.

As I've said before, their traditional costumes
just leave me in awe.

A bit of history...many, many years ago, as the
Indians came through the parade,
spectators would through pennies to the
Indian children. It was finally determined that
it was a demeaning sort of gesture and
spectators were banned from doing it.

Isn't this lil' mule just the cutest?!?
I want one!!

OK...I've heard of these gals before and googled
for an hour but couldn't come up with who exactly
they are. Each gal chooses a decade to portray
in their costume and tack.

If anyone knows the name of the group, please
leave a comment. I really like what
they're doing.

Maybe it's just 'cause I like to dress up,
but it really looks like fun!

Don't you think they've done a great job?

Another one of my fav's...the US Forest Service.
They have this pack string of
mules in the parade every year.

OK...they don't have any horses...but they're
pretty dang funny!!

This is a 6 up hitch pulling 3 Conestoga wagons.
Really impressive.

There were a bunch of lil' cuties like this one.

The traditional end of the parade entry.
It's an old log drag...another one of my fav's.

On to the Round-Up!!

Another beautiful day with a nice breeze to keep us cool.

If that doesn't bring a tear to your'll just have to be there in person next year to experience it yourself.

I couldn't believe when the announcer said that the National Anthem was sung by an 11 year old. Lil' Allison O'Neil is amazing!

The last clip of the Court coming around the track showed the Queen and her horse down. The horse slipped and hit the ground. She got right back up and finished her trip around the track! Way to go cowgirl!! more post to go with action from the finals...including barrel racing~~ Pendleton Round-Up style!



lisa said...

That was an awesome parade. I love mules, it has just been that last few years that I have been really paying attention to them! All the costumes were pretty cool. Allison did a great job on the National Anthem! Boy, do I want to go next year! Save my pennies, and maybe it will be next years vacation!

mj said...

I'm so very glad to hear that some of those mules have caught you eye. Maybe there will be a mule foal in your future to train and show.
The last mule entry, pulling the, that's special!
Thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to more.

Nina P. said...

Everyone Love a Good Parade and What better Fun than to follow it with a Rodeo!! Yee Haw!!! I love the photo's... So how many clowns got to "clean up" after the parade? That young lady is going to go places with that voice. Oh My is she good!! Thanks for sharing the fun. Love and Light, Nina P

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Looks like an awesome event! So, why aren't YOU in it, hmmmm? :D

That parade rocked! The mules were awesome, as we're the horses pulling the wagons.


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Awesome parade photos!

Mikey might know the name of that group of women. I know in AZ there is a group of women that dress up as particularly notorious women of the "wild" west.

I can't wait for the barrel racing post. I can't imagine running on turf. Hope you have a video.:)

Mikey said...

ooohh, can't wait for the barrel racing either. Loved those guys in the red underwear, I had a pair of those!!
I don't know who those ladies are, but they look cool! What BEC is referring to are the Wild Women of the West, which I shall never forget, they have a road sign near here and one day I was driving by and a lady was out there having her friend taking her picture under it. Just as I drove by, she dropped her drawers, mooned the camera and I nearly ran off the road! Then I thought I should go back and see if they'd take my picture too... and I later related that story to a member of the Wild Women of the West who thought it was a hoot!
Google them and they come up. Trust, they are some WILD women.

Let me know if you find out who those ladies are, my hat's off to them! And you too, for posting all these cool pics for us :)

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Oh we miss being in that parade - do you happen to know the McInnis's from Reedville?

AKPonyGirl said...

I am so there next year. Great story and pictures.

Celeste said...

Well what I want to know is - who won the horse s--t bingo? :)
Love that little mule, no wonder you wanted to take him home - what a little sweetie.

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