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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Stills ~ Signs of Fall

The Sunday Stills challenge for today is "Signs of Fall."

In the high desert there aren't any maple trees with leaves turning the colors of the rainbow...we have more of a feel than a look when the seasons change.

It's been 90 degrees for the past couple of days...but we've got a lil' bit of a change coming...

Chance of snow Tuesday night and Wednesday?!?
Oh, I'm not ready for that yet!
And today we have a fire weather watch too!

This might be one of the last baskets of
fresh tomatoes from the garden...oh, what a sad time...

This winter's juniper firewood waits to be split.
It's sure going to feel good this winter
warming the house when the snow's blowin' sideways outside.

But, we do get some color change in the tumbleweed.

They're kinda pretty in their own way.

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flowerweaver said...

I can commiserate, as we don't have "fall colors" either. It's sad when 80 feels like autumn. LOL. Tomatoes look yummy!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Beautiful pics! We had a cold spell last week with temps in the low 20's at night. We're back up to the low 40's at night now and 70's during the day. Very nice!
I wonder if you'll end up with any snow? That juniper will come in handy! Better get to splitting it soon. lol!

Tumbleweed. Nasty stuff! When they're dry they spit out evil goat head thorns and if we don't get 'em before then and feed them to the goats, then my kids can't run around barefoot because goat head thorns are PAINFUL!

I once got hit in the head by a pile of tumbleweeds as big as a VW bug. No lie! I was riding a tug across the airport ramp when I used to work for the airline, and across the ramp blows a tumbleweed and rams into my head. Scratched my eye and face badly. I had a few days off of work for OJI, and had to file a report. Can you only guess what folks back east thought of that OJI report? "Hit in the face by a tumbleweed?' LOL!


colleen said...

I love your shots. From the looks of all the firewood you're getting ready for the snow.

The Wife said...

No pretty fall foliage here either. Sounds like you will be able to take winter pics mid-week!

VioletSky said...

Not a very nice weather forecast you have for this week.

And that isn't what I thought tumbleweed looked like, so thank you for that.

Ed said...

Oh, I dream of the first snow. Cold nights bundled up in my comforter listening to the wind. Well done with the pics..:-))

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Your tumbleweed are very different from my tumbleweed. I think I'll agree that the purple makes them pretty. Once ours start tumbling, they all end up in my yard somehow.

Reddunappy said...

I have never seen a blooming tumbleweed before! Very pretty, I like them : )
It feels like Fall!

Anonymous said...

Snow in your forecast. Yikes, a bit too early for that. Better rustle up someone to split that wood for ya. Nice job on the tumbleweed. Saw some of that on my drive through Wyoming and Utah last month.

Pony Girl said...

Snow? Wow! We're still milking summer here.
I love the tomatoes...yum! Looks like you got a good crop this year!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I didn't know that's what tumbleweed looked like. Thanks! Gotta love a big stack of firewood.

Shirley said...

The tumbleweed looks like something from under the sea that should have fish floating by it!
Bet that juniper wood smells wonderful on the fire.

lisa said...

Boy, do I know about firewood, but it sure is nice to have wood rather oil or other source of heat, more work, but sometimes it is worth it! We are fortunate to have an outside wood stove!

Anonymous said...

snow! eeeep *shivers*
nice photos for s.stills :)

Jayke said...

Snow, yuck.
It's starting to get chilly here too, time to actually turn the fan off that has been on in the bedroom since April. I wore my fall coat for the first time today.

I love the contrast between the tomatoes and the fire wood. I definitely associated tomatoes with the warmth of summer, especially because they are red. the fire wood just envokes such a warm smokey feeling, makes me shiver slightly.

AKPonyGirl said...

Termination dust is here (Snow down to 2000') and will be on the ground here soon. Our fall/autumn is about 4 days long. One day there's green leaves on the trees, the next day they're gold and the next they are on the ground.

Do you have more firewood put up or will that pile last you through the winter?

gtyyup said...

Ouch Lisa ~ Tumbleweed in the face would be awful!! I can imagine what the response would be from a OJI report on that one!! LOL

Nuzzling Muzzles ~ The dang tumbleweeds are such a pain with the fence lines. We try to take the brush beater and mow everything we can before the winds set in.

Lisa ~ You've got to explain what an "outside wood stove" is.

Reddunappy ~ The tumbleweed doesn't just turns a red or purple color as fall sets in. They kinda look like blooms, but they are little nasty star stickers that hurt.

AKPonyGirl ~ We usually go through about 4 cord of wood, but we sure don't have the temps you have. The house is usually 80 degrees all winter except when the temps get to zero and the wind rips...then we have to load the stove more than twice a day. We've got about 2 cord left from last year and our wood guy still has to bring another cord to finish out the pile of 4 cord we bought this year. How much do you go through in a winter's time?

Anonymous said...

Today that wood looks darn good!! My tomatoes are just starting to the basement!

AKPonyGirl said...

We usually burn 11 cords of wood in a winter. Most times we start a fire in the Earth stove in late October and it burns through March. We only let the fire die down enough to pull out several buckets of ash.

We keep the house cool - 75 or so - except when the fire gets away from me. Then I have to open the doors and windows to let the heat out!

Paula said...

I love that tumbleweed! I can't believe you already have a chance of snow! Get that wood split. You may need it real soon!

We have huge sunflower fields that tells us fall is here. Leaves are falling and nights are chilly. I love this time of year!

Ann said...

What's a tumbleweed? I must google search, because I have not seen them before.

came via sunday still

Celeste said...

Chance of snow!! Oh my, I am so not ready for that yet. Please can we have a few more days (or weeks) of summer.

Janice said...

Great pics. You portrayed Fall very well. I had to go out and bring an armload of wood.

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