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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Busy Times & Getting Ready for Lakeview

This makes a nice start to the morning don't you think?

Busy, busy, busy...

Yesterday I finished my stuff for the September issue of, that's behind me. Irrigation is still going well and the alfalfa is really coming on.

It's over knee high again, and I'm soaked after moving the lines.
It's only been growing 20 days since we started watering again!

We hope it'll be ready to cut by the time we leave for
the Pendleton Roundup, Sept. 16.

That just made me realize to turn the calendar it just me?...but...where did June, July and August go???


Saturday we spent the day gathering pairs for Temple's and Opie's. They have the allotment right behind our property. So, we just rode out our back gate onto the BLM and started pushing them south.

We could see cows on the ridge as we rode to our gate.
I rode up the fence line along the ridge and pushed them down.
Our alfalfa field is center left and the property line
is the fence in the foreground.

My Man pushed the pairs that were west of our gate while I took off to the east to check out the farthest corner.

We met up with Temple's, and the Opie's were pushing them up from the south and east. My first photo on Sunday Stills was when all the pairs were merging together...a beautiful sight I think.

My Man on the right and Jake Fowler bringing in
their pairs. Jake's dad is the man who made my hackamore.

We get them all in a paddock and the job of seperating out
Temple's pairs from Opie's begins. The rider has to make
sure that the cow gets matched up with the right calf.
Not easy sometimes!

My Man and Whiskey...holding the corner so they
don't push out. I held the other corner.
Ty asked if I wanted to try working some out, but
I decided to watch this time. Next time I'll give it a try.

After everything was seperated, we headed the Temple's herd to their place about 4 miles east. It was a full day in the saddle. Jerry brought us lunch which was mighty welcome! It was a fun day though. It's really good for My Man especially. He doesn't get to ride that often.


Sunday we got another 5 tons of grass hay stacked into the big barn. That makes a total of 14.5 tons. We've got room for another couple of tons, and that would top off both the mustang barn and the big barn. I'd rather have too much hay than run out!

I fell off the hay trailer while we were unloading. It's my job to get the bales to the edge and My Man takes them and does the stacking. These suckers weigh 110 pounds and it's all I can do to drag 'um. Well, I'm pulling for all I'm worth, and the hay hook slips out of the bale, and I fell about 3 feet down from the trailer. I'm really glad I hit hay bales instead of the new wood floor! My neck got tweeked as I hit on my, I guess I'd say I have sideways whiplash. It's much better...didn't stop me from riding!


My arena is finally finished...well, except for 3 gates. We got the double gates up, but we've got to reset a post for one of the gates at the other end of the arena, and then we're going to build two gates because the space is off for a standard gate...oops on our part.

My Man borrowed the neighbor's disk and tilled under
my beautiful weed crop, and I harrowed it smooth
this morning before riding Colt.

It's amazing how much better Colt can slide without
all those darn weeds!!
Thanks to Mugs at Mugwump Chronicles we're making
progress on our stops!! We're making lil' elevens on his stops.
Cheers my friend!!

Colt says to just let him take care of the weeds!


Next's Colt, Cindy Sue and me off to the Lake County Fair's Stock Horse Show! My Man has to work, so I'm on my own.

Tomorrow's schedule is to load up the big trailer, ride Colt, bathe him and do the beauty parlor thing. Thursday morning we'll take off to Bob's to work a few cows and then drive on down to Lakeview which is another 2 hours south.

His age class is snaffle only and I've been riding him in the hackmore and need to ride him in the hackmore next week at our futurity. So, I entered him into the 6 and under hackamore class. We'll be doing the full meal deal: herd work on Thursday evening then the reining pattern and fence work on Friday morning.

This is a pretty big show for these parts. They have a big cutting on Thursday prior to the herd work for the stock horse folks. Riders come up from California and Nevada for this one.

The butterflies are starting to twirl around in my stomach...I just keep taking deep breaths, relaxing my shoulders, and tell myself it's just like practice...

It'll be fun...I had a great time last year, and I'm sure it'll be great this year too!



Shirley said...

What you do might seem like hard work to some, but I bet you wouldn't want it any other way. Yay for a day spent in the saddle gathering cows; can't remember how long it's been since I did that. You sure have good cowboyin' country down there.

Paty Jager said...

Sounds like you had a full weekend! Good luck at the show! When I get in your area for good, I'd like to travel to a show with you and check things out.

lisa said...

Nice arena and alfalfa field! The sunrise is gorgeous! I love to see different country! Good luck and I am sure you will do great!

Mikey said...

Gorgeous pictures! Love that view. That looked like a lot of work, sorting out all those pairs. I have trouble figuring who goes to who down here, and there's not that many pairs.
Love your arena. That looks like a mighty fine, soft place to work. I'm really into soft dirt lately..
And that hay trailer thing, you be careful!! I had a friend do the same thing, only he fell out and hit the hitch with his head. Knocked him out. (what IS it with the unconsciousness lately, eh?) just be careful!
Good luck at the show! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Paint Girl said...

Your arena looks great! I love it! I so wish I had one that size.
Goodness! Falling off the trailer! Be careful! Although, I have almost done the same thing, my job is the same as yours, get in the truck or on the trailer, usually at least 6-8 feet in the air, or more, and push hay bales to my OH. Yep, have used the hay hook and almost went flying off the back! I better be careful, I don't have medical insurance right now!
Good luck at the show!! Wishing you lots of wins!!

Ed said...

Great post and pics, love the sunrise...:-)

mugwump said...

Oh, the excitement of a big show! The best thing I ever figured out was in Reined Cowhorse your're not showing against anybody. You're showing with them.It's just you, Colt and the judge. You're paying those judges to watch you ride and let you know how you're doing....You guys will be great.

Anonymous said...

All the best at the show! It's been nuts for busy here too and I think we might finally be catching up. We had thought of going to Pendelton this year too but it doesn't look like it's going to happen:(

Celeste said...

I totally agree with you on the question of were did June, July and August go! I can't believe it is September already, it feels like we only just got rid of last winter and now we are building up for the next one!
Good luck at the show this weekend, I am sure Colt will try his absolute best for you, he seems a real genuine, sweet horse. Don't forget to enjoy it in amongst all the butterflies! :)

Faithful said...

The arena looks real nice. You have been working hard. I think you're right to look at it as if it was a practice exercise and relax.. and you'll do great and have some fun to boot.

Patches said...

Good luck at your show! That sounds like so much fun! Great arena too! I've got quite an amazing weed crop going in my arena-to-be too. lol

gtyyup said...

We did have fun at the was a fantastic time and all of your well wishes are greatly appreciated!!

Mugs~Yes, I believe that's a great way to look at competition. Thanks!

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