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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back from Lakeview

The stock horse show at Lakeview was a blast...long but really fun. My Man couldn't go, so Cindy Sue, Colt and me took off Thursday morning.

Ready Colt? "Yea Mom...just close the window!"

We stopped at Bob Kerby's and worked a few head of cows...Colt was really sharp! After a good drink of water, we loaded up again for the 2 1/2 hour trip ahead.

Cindy Sue settled into her bed in the back seat.
I didn't hear much out of her!

It's a pretty boring drive (just miles and miles of desert)
until you get to Lake Albert. The road winds
along its edge for at least 5 miles.

This is Albert Rim; "a 30-mile-long fault of the nation's
longest and most continous fault escarpments rising more than 2,000 feet."

We arrived in plenty of time to get a paddock for Colt and fix some then it was 4 PM...and I was starving!

The pens behind the chutes were available at no charge,
so we snagged one up. That's Colt up by
the cows munching away on his hay.

They had an actual "cutting" competition prior to the cow horse show, so by the time they were finished it was 7 PM. Colt and I didn't do our herd work until 8 PM. And, sorry to say, but I have no photos. It was dark and even with the arena lights on, I knew it wouldn't be enough.

The moon rising on the horizion was a beautiful sight though.

The 6 & under Hackamore class was supposed to have 4 horses in it, but one scratched. I got the last spot in the draw. And instead of giving the Hackamore horses a fresh herd of cows, we worked the ones that the last half of the snaffle bit horse class used...hmmmmm...oh well.

Colt was getting pretty tired by then and this was definitely waaaay past his bed time! We've never done a night show and he really wasn't into it. The cows were really sticky and it was hard to get them to drive out from the rest of the herd. I picked some good herd help though, and we did the best we could.

The cows were tough...they had no respect and really tried to run right through your horse. Colt did an amazing job of getting ahead of the cow, but he really didn't lock onto the cow like he does in practice. We were able to get two decent cows out and we scored a 69 without any penalties! I was thrilled!!

They still had the open class to go, but we packed it in for the night. Colt was mighty glad to get back to his pen with 2 bags of hay! And, I was ready for dinner too.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed on Friday AM...
well, sort of ;~)

The dry work (reining pattern) and fence work were first thing on Friday morning. The vet had to mouth all of the horses that were in an "aged" class to make sure they were the correct age. The 3 yr olds went first, then the 5 & under...then the Hackamore class.

I found a wonderful gal who agreed to do a video for me...she was on her horse, so please disregard the shakes...the video is long too, but I think you'll like the music...

The pattern was pretty basic and they didn't even want a change of pace in the circles. I'm thinking I could have had Colt pick up the pace and it might have looked a little better...but I really don't know. The judge said to use the whole arena...and it's a big arena!

Right after you did your pattern, you called for your cow for the fence work. We totally bommed in the fence work and scored a 60. In fact we got two cows...the first one was too slow...the second one was a raging, running idiot! But, in the reining pattern we scored a 68 1/2.

Overall, we came in third, but we were only 1 point behind the 2nd place horse. I'm really proud of Colt. He did fantastic...and did I mention his competition were both 6 yr olds and Colt's just 4?!? I'm thrilled!!! If we can rinse and repeat this next Wed & Thur at the Futurity next week...oh yes!

It was well worth the trip down and we learned so much...can't wait for next year!

Headed back home...Albert Rim on the right
driving along Lake Albert.

Colt was definitely glad to be home!!
It's a well deserved roll in the dirt!

Thanks for coming along with us!!



Tracey said...

Colt looks great in the video, I like the pace you've got him at. He's consistent and smooth with a nice, easy look about him. Sounds like you managed to pull a couple of good scores!

I very nearly stopped at Bob's while in town last week just to see if you were there, lol! Funny that you thought you saw me; I'd meant to call but time just got away from us.

mj said...

Very nice, very quiet and I loved the song that accompanied your video. Other than that, so much for Cindy Sue keeping you awake during the boring part of the drive! Nice post!!

Patches said...

Nice ride! Loved the video and the photos at the end. Looks and sounds like it was a nice wknd for you, but I say that of any wknd spent at a horse show! ;) Good luck next week! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Reddunappy said...

Nice looking ride! Colts come along awesomely!!

Shirley said...

I was wondering about change of pace on the circles, but then you cleared that up in your commentary. Colt looks really good, what a pair you make. Good job getting him shown, and check out those lead changes! Good luck on the draw at the Futurity.

lisa said...

Thank you for the ride! I loved watching you ride! Looks like Colt was sure glad to be home!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Great trip - thanks for sharing. The video is really nice. Colt looks great. Good inspiration.

mugwump said...

Colt is solid and steady in his dry work. Nice look to the both of you.He's scoring well in the herd work, at four yrs old that's what I would be the happiest about.

Paula said...

So glad you had such a good time and came away feeling like you'd gained some ground! Can't wait for more!

gtyyup said...

Thank you everyone for the compliments on Colt!

Tracey~Next time you're down here and don't call me, I'm gonna whoop on ya!

Mugs~Thanks for the comment...means a lot to me!

Vaquerogirl said...

Looks you guys had a great trip! I enjoy watching Colt grow into a real nice horse!

Faithful said...

happy to see you had a good time..I enjoyed the video and seeing Colt grow and how well he proforms for you... you two looked great!

hope4more said...

You both looked great! He did a nice job and so did you. Nice ride.

Ed said...

Great post and pics, the video is really cool! :-)

Andrea said...

It looks like all that hard work is really paying off. Colt looks so relaxed out there and you rode him perfect!! Just imagine how AWESOME he is going to do when he is six!! Watch out, here comes colt!! He is a good little mover!! Great video! and congrats on third!!

Java's Mom said...

As always, great pictures of amazing scenerey, and it's fun to see what you do with Colt. It's my view into the western side of riding, looks like a fantastic time. You guys look great, and it's amazing that he's only 4. Great job, really awesome.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I just love the way Colt moves.

Best of luck at the futurity. Can't wait to hear about it.

Jocelyn said...

Now aren't you so glad you didn't sell him after all???

Things always work out for a reason!

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