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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

3 Weeks in Photos

...and very few words.

No, I'm not dead...and I've not lost interest in blogging...I'm missin' it a LOT!! Miss commenting on everyone's posts too. I'm lucky if I get them viewed in Google Reader...wish I could comment from there.

But between irrigation, ag surveys and everything else, time is short...and so is life, so blogging needs to take a higher priority!! This won't be too wordy...just a photo essay of sorts of my past 3 weeks.

We've been doing lots of this obviously.

All that work pays off though. We'll be cutting soon.

Cowboy enjoys the cool alfalfa.

Cindy Sue can't see through it.
Jumping is all she can do!

The "Girls" are growing.

The Great Horned owls made it out of their nest.
They've got 4 babies! Pretty big for babies, huh?!

I've driven 1630 miles since May 10 for my ag
survey job. It's finally winding down.
But, I have seen some beautiful country and sights.

Our best friend Ron and his gal Carrie came for a long
weekend last week. We had a great time with them.

I had the pleasure of meeting The Desperate Horsewife at
Mustang Diaries and her
daughter Darling at the Roaring Springs Cutting.
What a surprise! I hope to meet many of you too someday.

My Man caught me with Colt & Whiskey.
I really was having a good
time...I just don't always show it!

My chives look as good as they taste.
The bumble bees thought so too.

Bad pic, but my garden is growing.
Now, if I could just shoot the dang
Sage Rat that keeps eating my plants!

A Parting Shot...

This is how I feel about Sage Rats...

Hope all is well with to another busy day...



Reddunappy said...

Busy busy woman!! Great pics Karin! We usually have a problem with Voles, little tiny guys, they tunnel like moles. I planted a lot of marigolds to see if it would deter them at all, we will see. Great meeting a fellow blogger! She told a good story about it too! Colt is gorgeous as always!!!

the7msn said...

I feel like such a slacker down here. Glad you're enjoying your very busy summer.

Brandie said...

Thank God your alive! I was soooo missing your posts! I love all your pictures and I think you solved my garden problem!!!!! I kept getting sprouts and then they were gone the next morning.........argh!

the end said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cowgirl Rae said...

I understand the press of worthy tasks.....

Yesterday my camera bit the dust and I was planning on using it tomorrow and next weekend for the Cowboy Church Gatherings.... maybe I can borrow something....Is it bad when ones camera opens...beeps and closes?

I think its toast.

Glad to see the hay coming. Looks good.
And a pox to your sage rat, maybe momma owl will serve her young'uns sage rat supper.

Kathleen Coy said...

Good to see you Karen, and your lovely photos as well. :-)

Jennifer said...

Boy, those sage rats are some big ole ugly things. Glad to know you're just busy and haven't left us! Great pics, as always!!

froglander said...

Looks like you have been quite busy, glad you were able to get pics along the way!

Sydney said...

Good dog. Summer is sure busy but you'll be missing it in the winter when theres nothing but cold weather and dead plants to look at.

The Wife said...

Thanks for the photos of the past three weeks. You've been quite busy! The alfalfa looks great.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Go Cindy Sue!!

Good to hear from you Karen! I've been busy too, but still somehow finding time to blog....just that my posts are always 2-3 weeks past from when they actually happened. lol!

That's terrific that you got meet some fellow bloggers. I hope they were as nice as they seem on the blog. They sure seem like it. They went riding with Paint Girl and her OH recently, too.
Looked like they had a blast!

The pic of you and the horses made me smile. Your standing there between and 'Colt 45' and a glass of 'Whiskey'.

Now! That's a Cowgirl!!


mj said...

Very nice to get the photos. Especially liked the one of the old homestead and gate. It shows how time can pass us glad that you noticed it!

Country Whispers said...

Love all of the pics. I can't believe how big the owls are. Our garden is growing too but would be better if I could keep the birds and rabbits out of it. Thank goodness we don't have sage rats!

backattheranch said...

great one of those owls. We had one grow up here a couple of summers ago. It was always scary to walk through the barn at night. He would swoop down after you hoping we would feed it I guess. lol

Paint Girl said...

I totally understand about being busy! I thought I'd have so much time to blog now that I am unemployed, but nope. I have been busier than ever, and haven't found much time for it at all!
Aren't Tracey and her daughter Darling just great? I just met them last week, we went on a trail ride. We had a great time. Now if we can get my sisters horse's sarcoid under control, we can get her back out on the trail!
Way to go Cindy Sue! Get those Sage Rats!

mugwump said...

Glad your working. Glad your business is productive and filled with horses, dogs and beautiful sights. Glad you share.

Meadowlark said...

The wheelline pictures brought a lump to my throat and a smile to my face. I miss those days, and Eastern Oregon as well.

Peace to you.

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

Whew your business has worn me out! LOL (I loved the video you last posted so beautiful!) you have been a busy bee though...I bet you love it though! Such great sites to see...your pictures are awesome! Glad things are well with you!

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