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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Words to Wordless Wednesday Photo

Ok, I feel the need to put some words to my Wordless Wednesday photo from today.

I've never ever thought of naming a photo. REAL artists name photos and their wonderful pieces of art in whatever form it takes. I am no artist by any means.

That being said, I named this photo in my mind because of its value to I will share it with you.

~~Mustang Success~~

These three numbered tags hang in my barn. They are from the three BLM mustangs that I have adopted, gentled and trained to saddle. When I adopted each horse they were just a number to the BLM...but after I got them home and started working with them; they were no longer numbers, they were horses with personalities, idiosyncrasies, and love...just like any other horse : Coyote, Rohan and Duncan. So, these tags have a lot of sentimental and inspirational meaning to me.

Please meet some of my family...

Coyote Kid


Fuddy Duddy Duncan


the7msn said...

I thought those yellow tags might have been from the BLM, but then I thought maybe they were ear tags. How very cool that you brought these mustangs into your life and had the courage and knowledge to train them. I've got a post coming about George and Alan's tags...which have an honored spot on a shelf in my living room. Dang, I wish we lived closer!

Kathleen said...

I too thought they were some kind of ear tag.
Your mustangs look very gentle and sweet. I am so in love with Rohan!

Karen J-S said...

Sorry Kat...Rohan's been spoken for already! One of my best trail riding buddies stated at the last trail ride that she was eying Rohan for her grand daughters in a few short years.

Linda...we should live closer together!!

The Wife said...

How awesome are you!! What deep meaning that pictures has. I'm glad you shared it with us. I appreciate it even more now.

The Wife said...

I have an award for ya!!

C-ingspots said...

I wondered what those tags were. I never knew there would be such amazing stories behind such a simple photo. Bless you for adopting and gentling these beautiful horses. There is so much more value to these horses than just a monetary value that some folks want to see. I think they are each gorgeous and obviously an asset now that you've helped them adjust to our ever-changing world. May we always be blessed with the wild horses for the world would be much less beautiful without them. And may we always be blessed with people like you who see them for what they can be and take the time to help them get there. Thanks!!

Reddunappylitivensfe said...

Karen, your photos are so beautiful!! I am realy envious, you have a real cowgirl life, a pipedream of mine lol. Eastern oregon (and wa lol) are so beautiful and different from the west side of the two states, might as well be two different countries!
keep up the good blog, I realy have enjoyed it. Oh yeah, great music!!

Theres a horse in my bubblebath

The Wife said...

I have been meaning to respond to your comment regarding an online photography class. I don't have any experience with them. I am a very hands on type of learner so having the camera in my hands as he taught was best for me. Plus we would go outside and he would show us how to do certain things. I think the weekly assignments and critique very informative too. I wish you had somewhere close to go. But I know what it's like living in BFE!

Pony Girl said...

Wow! Very moving, looking at those tags, what they symbolized and how far you've come.

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