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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Newest Blogger Virus

Ha!!! My new friend Tracey (frantically waves at Tracey) over at Mustang Diaries gave me the newest Blogger Virus...achewwww...'cuse me!

Ok, here's the deal...answer the following 5 questions and pass on the virus to some other unsuspecting soul...ummmmm...blogger friend! Tag a few more if ya a mind to!

1) Where did you go riding this week?

Absolutely NO WHERE!!! Nota...nothin'...That's what I get for inviting my 2 brothers and their spouses for Thanksgiving...all I've done is clean, clean, clean...well I was also selling and building ads for my new publication....but I'd rather be ridin'!

PS...I gave everyone lots of hugs 'n nose kisses...does that count for anything???

2) Your most embarrassing moment on horseback.

I had to think long and hard on this one. I guess I tend to dwell on the good things. But...

I had the opportunity of a lifetime back in the mid 1980's...I attended a Tom Dorrance clinic . I took my good ol' steady Toby. He was just 3 then, and I really didn't have any issues with him. He was just a typical green horse that tried to everything that I asked of him...I just couldn't get him to pick up his right lead (rider error most diffinately).

At that time, the "natural horsemanship" was just coming out into the open in my area. I just couldn't follow what he was trying to tell me. I really feel that I was blocking it out...just not listening. Absolutely NO excuse for an ol' dog learnin' new tricks...I was 20 something!!! I was in tears of frustration...if only I could have opened my mind up just a little bit more...sigh.

3) What's your favorite piece of tack?

Just one????!!!...sorry...can't do just one, but I'll keep it to two! I absolutely love my handmade ladie's "Wade" saddle. Clay Sharp was the maker on this one. Bless my dear Mother; when she passed away, I took a bit of my inheritance and had a saddle made. I do ALL of my riding in it...well, except for the new colts; I use an old beat up saddle for them. But I cut, rein, gather, barrel race, trail ride, show...I do it all in this wonderfully comfortable saddle. I can get away with that here in Harney County!!! LOVE IT!

Ok, my other piece is my absolutely favorite pair of reins....3/4 inch x 8 foot weighted split reins...I only use them on Colt or someone who I know won't break them! I have little hands and these are prefect. They're nothing fancy...just nice and thick and I keep them oiled with olive oil...oh so soft!

4) Do you collect anything horsey?

The question to me should be "do you collect anything that isn't horsey"!!!! Everything in our home is horses...from John Wayne toilet paper to metal art, pottery, photos, creamics, wood burned coasters & trays to barbed wire decor. The exception is a few sentimental items from my Mom and from my childhood.

5) What's your least favorite aspect of horse ownership?

This is really a tough question!!! I love everything...even shovelin' shi_ !!! Stall cleaning is considered therapy in my book.

I guess my answer would be paying the bill to the vet when the occasion arises. We do most all of our horse upkeep ourselves...shots, hoof trimming, training, etc. The vet bills are just astronomical to us when we need their services. It's hard to swallow...but we know our limitations.

Ok, I've got my questions answered.

The next step is to pick fellow blogger's to tag...being the Thanksgiving week and all, I'll let anyone who wants to post their answers on their blog to do so. Please let me know if you do; I'll love to read your answers!

God bless you and your families on this wonderful Thanksgiving celebration!


Latigo Liz said...

OMG, we are sisters separated at birth! Karen, we need to hook up some day!!! Seriously! Love the saddle! Wish I could have watched a Tom Dorrance clinic, let alone ridden in one! I miss my one chance in the 90s before he died. :( I had the privilege of working on Bill’s book but never met him, either. :( I cherish Ray and Buck, and a couple of other folks. I’ll participate in this one, but it may take a few days. We head for Montana tomorrow morning. If I have internet access, I will try to do it when we’re on the road.

Latigo Liz said...

Oh, and your saddle...those pictures can’t be recent, it looks WAY too new! Just like mine did back in 2002! Note the barb wire trim!

Pony Girl said...

That was a fun game! It was great to learn more about you. Riding in a Tom Dorrance clinic? Wow! I think you and Liz do sound like separated twins! ;)
I am envious of your saddle! Mine is okay for every day riding, but someday I want a really nice saddle.
Do you mind me asking, but what publication do you have?

Reddunappylitivensfe said...

Hey Karen, I took on your Virus LOL
As everyone else has said, what a gorgeos saddle!!! looks comfy too.

C-ingspots said...

Yep, that's a nice saddle - when you get one you love, you'll always keep it. I too got the chance to ride in a Tom Dorrance clinic, early 90's I think (?) (not sure of the date?)in Hillsboro, Oregon and the same place a few years later just watched. Tom had a fine-looking cowboy riding for him then - his name was "Tank". He was an amazingly patient and kind man. He was also very humble and when you talked with him, you always wanted to hug him - at least I did. I am honored to have met him and I have his book that he signed for me. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Thanks!

Tracey said...

You're using Thanksgiving as an excuse not to ride? You naughty girl, lol! week and I'll be in Harney County and I expect to meet up face to face with the woman who's got that incredible saddle =)

Mikey said...

That is a gorgeous saddle! Really nice, looks very comfortable.
I'm also like you, collecting the horsey stuff. Was telling Wade as I unpacked the tree ornaments, I love collecting the horse ones.
I think we've just never outgrown being horse crazy.

Mikey said...

You have flowers over at my blog!! Come get them!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow. That is one comfy, and pretty saddle. I love that deep seat. It's almsot like wearing a seatbelt when riding, eh? :)
I love my Amish-made Eli Miller saddle, but yours is comcing in at a close-second!

And I had no idea you could use olive oil to soften and condition leather. I'm going to try that on my reins, too. Thanks!

JOhn Wayne toilet paper, eh? lol!

I'm just starting out on my horse journey, so I don't have much in the way of collectables yet. When I was growing up, and in love with horses, my evil stepmother asked everyone to buy me horrid little Mdame Alexander dolls to collect for birthdays and holidays.
Obviously they were something she wanted. I hated them. I wanted to collect Breyer horses...but that wasn't 'lady-like, in her opinion. Blah!

I just mucked my horse's stall tonight and it gave me such a sense of accomplishment and satifaction seeing it all clean. How therapeutic is THAT?! lol!

New Mexico

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