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Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Drizzly Day

I guess it's official after the hail and snow 2 nights ago and today's cold drizzle...winter is coming...soon. Hard to believe that it was in the 70's last week, but that's what happens here. We're at 4150 feet...most anything can happen weather wise.

The clouds are socked in over Hat Butte

This old metal tub is the dog's summer water dish.
Now it's just collecting rain water from the roof and leaves.

While feeding this morning, I spooked out 8 does and yearlings along with a nice 4-5 point buck and they climbed up the hill just west out behind the house. Once they hit the rim rock they had to go either left or right. They chose left. Three horses and the 2 burros were just at that time coming down the two-track off of the hill for breakfast. The horses came on down...but those silly burros took off like there was no tomorrow!!! For the life of me, I can't figure out why they would be scared of deer that they see on a daily basis...go figure. They never came back down until about 1:00 this afternoon.

Wish I had pictures of the whole thing...I tried, but it was too dark...I've got to work on learning more about my camera.

But, I do have a couple of pics of my project for the day. My little Rat Terrier, Cindy Sue, needed a new winter coat. Her old one is torn to shreds from her running through and under the barbed wire fences. I'm sure this one will meet the same fate, but the material is stronger and, hopefully it will hold up a little better.

How do ya like the scarf? It matches the liner in her coat...Black 'n white pups with red fire hydrants! She's really stylin' for a ranch dog!! (wait til you see her covered in mud with it...LOL)

Between coat fittings, Cindy Sue enjoyed the wood stove.

The husband is a fan of the cookie...home-made preferably. So, I felt an urge to fill the cookie jar!

All in all, it was a pretty good day...despite the drizzle.


Kathleen said...

Aw, Cindy Sue looks so cute in her new coat and scarf!

We're supposed to get our first snow of the year over the next couple days. Seems so soon, I'm not done with Fall yet, Lol.

Love your backsplash!! :-)

C-ingspots said...

Are those snickerdoodles??? Oh man, you are killing me!! First Trainwreck bakes home made bread rolls and now cookies!? Hi there, first time visitor here - not quite sure how I arrived here, but I like your site! So, good to meet ya from a like-minded country gal.
I'll probably visit again sometime.
Kinda sad that winter's just around the corner huh??

Latigo Liz said...

Just found you through your post on PonyGirl’s blog. I’ll definitely be back to read more. And I added you to my Horse Life blog list. :)

Ride on!

Karen J-S said...

Nope...Molasses cookies, and they are quite good!

Thanks c-ingspots & latigo liz! I've added you too...come on back anytime...great meeting gals with so much in common.

sista' moonshine said...

Cindy Sue looks quite smart in her winter coat and scarf. Get those pics when you can cuz her coat might not make it thru the winter with her being active on the farm. Winter is around your corner and today we have weather in the 80s. Last weekend it rained and today it's nothing but sun.

the7msn said...

Whoa Nellie! You MADE Cindy Sue's new coat? Get out! I just saw one for Smooch in the Jeffers catalog, but now you're making me feel guilty. I love how she's workin' the one ear up-one ear down thing.

kdwhorses said...

Wow check out her new coat and scarf! She is so styling! WOW~I can't sew, can mend a little! Great work!

Uhm~could I have a cookie!?!?

20 meter circle of life said...

How id Princeton---Grew up around burns and vale--went to Andrews 1 room school. A picture of home is what I saw when I came to this blog!! I still have a TON of cousins that live in Burns and I am pretty much related to all of Vale and Ontario!!. Great blog!!! Thanks for bringing a little home to the city for me!!

The Wife said...

Cindy Sue is a lucky little girl. Coat and scarf....that's funny. My dogs are heatherns, they won't wear anything without another one rippin' it off. I can barely keep collars on them.

Our husbands have cookies in common. Mine loves the cookie! Yours look yummy!

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