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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Color in SE Oregon

We don't get a lot of color in the fall. Most of the time, the leaves on the trees get freeze dried to a nice brown color...not too exciting.

But this year, was a bit different. It stayed hot for so long, they must have had a chance to do what they're supposed to do in the fall!

Fall Color at the Homestead
This ol' homestead is part of the 3J Ranch. The trees are old and huge,
and the grass is watered all summer long.
It's like an oasis in the desert.

We have to look for colors in other places besides the trees~

Shadows on Riddle Mtn
Shadows on Riddle Mountain as the sun begins to
get lower in the western sky.

Dry Lake is Dry
Dry Lake is truly dry this year...first time in the seven years we've lived here.
You can see the water rings in the lake bed as it slowly receded through summer.
(Pardon the blurred sage brush in the foreground, we were driving.)

Fall Sunrise
Yesterday's sunrise. It feels so good to have clouds again.
I love blue skies, but we went for months without clouds.

Enjoy a great weekend!


Susan said...

Here the leaves start to turn, then the wind blows them all off. Then a few more leaves turn, the wind blows...

Val said...

How beautiful!
Wow, that lake IS dry!

We've had some amazing sunrises here, but mostly the clouds are gone by sunset.

Of course I was choring without a camera the 2 nights we had awesome sunsets.

I agree, clouds are nice to see again.

Beth Edwards said...

i'm a fan of the 1st & last shot. that tree blowin' in the breeze & that sunrise is heavenly... beautiful work!! (:

Crystal said...

Beautiful homestead, I love them old trees! Sure musta been dry there this summer, we still have water where it usually is gone by Aug.

Paint Girl said...

Gorgeous! We finally had a couple months of much needed dry weather and it was delightful! Now not so much with the rain moving back in.
It is so pretty there! Beautiful sunrise!

lisa said...

I love that yellow color! That sunrise was gorgeous!

Linda said...

The second pic looks a little like some of the country and colour you see here.

Anonymous said...

Love that you got some colors... and that sunrise is superb! Isn't it interesting as in our lives, too much of any one thing is often not healthy, same with the weather...

Candy C. said...

You found some beautiful autumn color! We don't get a lot here in the high desert of AZ either but the sunrises and sunsets have been gorgeous recently! :)

C-ingspots said...

Beautiful shots! We have to admire the beauty that we're graced with...yours is just different than ours. Love the sky!!

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