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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Stills ~ Trees


PLEASE...if your blog is hosted by Blogger, turn OFF the nasty
new word verification. Here is a great site that tells you
exactly how to do so if you don't know how:
You may not even know that your comment section
is asking for word verification. Check and see.
Personally, I'm almost to the point where I won't leave
a comment if there's word's that bad.

OK...on to the day's post!!!

Inadvertently, I ended up with a sub-category for this week's Sunday Stills photo challenge...birds. Trees and birds do seem to be seen together quite often!!

Sunning in the Lilac tree
I think Lilacs are probably more of a bush than a tree, but this one is as big as a tree! It's right outside my kitchen window and is a very popular hang out for these lil' guys (who don't sit still for very long).

The Elm and the Owl
The Elm and the Owl
Looking almost straight up into one of our Elm trees, you can see papa Great Horned Owl perched in the tangle of branches (center about 1/3 from the bottom). He's waiting patiently while his mate is sitting on the eggs in their rock hole of our first signs that spring is around the corner!

Northern Flicker
A failed shot that I like...Northern Flicker woodpecker
I almost deleted this shot, but after a while I decided that I sort of liked it. I took it through a window from the house. This Northern Flicker was just passing through...thankfully. Last year they punched numerous holes in our barns...needless to say, I'm not overly fond of woodpeckers ;~)

Head on over to Sunday Stills and in the comments you'll find links from the other participants for more "tree" photos!


Ebie said...

I like how you incorporate your birds on the trees. They are their favorite spot!

Tina´s PicStory said...

very beautiful pics! :)

Shirley said...

I love your elm tree.
I'm with you on the word verification, it's nasty. For those worried about unwanted comments, they can always turn on comment moderation.

Mary Ann said...

Hear! Hear! I ranted about it last Sunday, what a pain in the neck the new word verification is! Thanks for the rant, we need to do something!

Stan said...

Very nice shots!! I love the Elm and the Owl-[silhouettes are my thing] --the strong diagonals add tension to the image--nicely seen. The 'failed shot' is hardly that --you might think about vignetting this, as it would add dark edges at all the corners. I think that would really be cool!!

Anonymous said...

Love your trees.

And, I'm with you on the word verification garbage. I'm not able to leave comments when it is required. And I KNOW I'm entering the words correctly. So now if I see it I just pass over the blog. :(

Dreaming said...

I like your subcategory of birds!

Thanks for commenting about word verification. Like you, sometimes I won't go through the hassle of trying to figure out the words.
It is really a PITA!

Janice said...

Great shots, I really liked that Elm and Owl shot.That is a very majestic looking tree.

Linda said...

So true! I hate the word verification! Lovely shot of the elm and is always a treat to see one of them.

The Dancing Donkey said...

Great shots, the 2nd photo has such an otherworldly feel to it while the last has the feel of a Japanese painting. It almost feels like there is a story hidden inside it. If the misty background cleared, you'd be able to see the whole thing. I think it is my favorite so far. Glad you didn't delete it.

Reddunappy said...

I checked my word verify. It was on :0/
I think I turned it on because it was the only thing that stopped the awful spam I was getting. Forgein gobbly gook. So I have it turned off, hopefully the spam doesnt come back!

Anonymous said...

stunning shots, especially the sunning birdy :)

Ed said...

Great shots, I'm with you on the word verification, most times I can't read the word/words and now there are ones with two words..

mugwump said...

Like the birds and the tip! Thanks.

Vaquerogirl said...

I like the 'failed'picture too. I guess it wasn't such a miss after all.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Love the elm and owl!

I agree with you on the word verification. And I'm surprised how many people don't even know they have that turned on.

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