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Monday, August 8, 2011

High Desert Cutters~2011 Final Show

~You can be happy in any 
circumstances if you have to~
~Pauline Cody 1903~

Our local cutting club, the High Desert Cutters, had its final show for the season on Saturday. It was held at the Harney County fairgrounds this time and the cattle were trucked in.

We had 5 shows this season. Some years we've had more, but the availability of cattle is not easy...even if we are in cattle country! Everyone's cows are out on grazing land and they're not readily available. So, we take what we can get.

Colt and I missed the first show in April when I was at my Mike Bridges Clinic. The second show, we did OK, but Colt and I hadn't worked a herd of cows since September of 2010. We didn't have a high enough score to earn us any points.

But we were getting better...the last two shows Colt and I won our class, and that put us into second the running for that coveted 1st place buckle!

I've been riding up into the next class above me for a warm up. The last two shows it was a wreck. But Saturday, Colt felt really on!

The first cow was perfect and it was an awesome feeling. But, something happened and the cows in the herd decided to come forward and they got in the way of the cow I was cutting. I didn't want to stir up the herd, so I just backed off and lost the cow. We still scored a would have been a 71 if things had gone right. Stuff like that happens.

Then in my class, Colt felt really good. The first cow was pretty nice, but I was being cautious because this particular herd was a lil' more flighty than the previous herd in the 150 class. When I worked the second cow, I made it a quick work, 'cause I had this feelin' the cow would get pushy real quick and I'd loose I quit while I was ahead. I just got my third cow out and my time was up...we scored a 69...and won the class!!!

I was so excited...that was three classes in a row (3 different shows in the 125 class) that I'd won...would I have enough points to take first place and win the buckle?!?

Nope...I was one point behind the leading horse in the year end standings...

But, I'm not sad or frustrated by any means. Colt worked wonderfully and I'm SOOOOO PROUD of him!!!  If we keep it up, we'll do just as good or better when we go to the Lakeview Stock Horse Show and when we compete in our Harney County Reined Stock Horse Futurity...this is Colt's last year as a 6 year old in the Futurity!

So, that was our big day on Saturday...lots of fun, good horses, good cattle, great friends, and lots of sunshine...a perfect day!!!

In the video, the first cow is from the 150 class that I rode up into and the second and third cows are from my 125 class.

Thanks for comin' along...and I appreciate all your well wishes...they mean a lot to me!

OH...and a big thank you to My Man for all his support, and thanks to my friend Andi for the use of her great photos!


Mikey said...

1 point! Unreal! You guys have done so well! I'm glad you're on the winning track and I can't wait for the next one. Those pictures are just fabulous :)

cdncowgirl said...

Congrats! That's still a heckuva accomplishment :)

EvenSong said...

Nice job! You both looked good out there!
I don't know much about reined cow horse...What's the difference in the two classes? Harder cows?

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

That's awesome...1 point? That is just awesome that you and Colt came back like that and did so well. Congratulations and wishing you the best run ever for Colt's last futurity.

gtyyup said...

EvenSong~The was classes usually work, the horse is expected to perform at a higher level as he matures. A lot of clubs may go by the amount of money won. But since our club doesn't give money, we have the classes numbered: 100, 125, 150, 200, open...the higher the number the better the horse should be (using less rein). The open class in this cutting club is for horses that are termed "throw away" meaning the rider is never supposed to pick up and check the horse while he has the one cow out in front of him. Hope that answers you question...not confuse you!

Ed said...

You and Colt look superb..:-)

Rhonda said...

Thanks for sharing the great photos and video! :)

Mary said...

AWESOME! I'm so glad you got a video, you guys look real in tune. Great photos too!

I rode a "throw away" once and almost got thrown away if you know what I mean...I was totally along for the ride. That was a thrill for me!

Shirley said...

Lady, you've got yourself a cutting horse! You looked great out there. Congratulations, and hope your next show is even better.

Reddunappy said...

You two are great!!!

I am jealous! :o)

Val said...

Colt looks awesome.

Everyone has an off day and cannot be perfect all the time right?


Dreaming said...

Ah, who needs another buckle anyway?!
Congrats on such a fine finish!

Cheyenne said...

I just love this stuff!!!!!!!!!!

I must have been born in the wrong country!!

Looks like a good job done! Congratulations!

Maia said...

Oh so well done. You and Colt looked great. Buckle's on the way. GOOD JOB both of you.

lisa said...

Just awesome! Good for you two!

Jeni said...

You and Colt look AWESOME! Congrats on such a great accomplishment =)

aquariann said...

Neat!! You and Colt make a great team.

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