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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Stills~People

This week's Sunday Stills photo challenge  is People. I actually realized this week that I enjoy taking candid photos of people...finding angles, facial expressions and body positions that make the photo interesting is fun. It actually may be my favorite thing to photograph.

Yesterday, My Man, Colt, Cindy Sue and I drove down to the Roaring Springs Ranch for our local cutting club competition. It was a beautiful day despite the thunder storm that drenched us for a good 10 minutes first thing...then the sun came out nicely!

I'll let the photos speak for themselves~

Who's Thinkin' What?

Through the Fence


Sittin' 'n Thinkin'

Good Ride

Enjoyin' the Ride

OH...BTW...Colt & I rode in two classes. We rode up into the class above "our class" and it was disastrous...I didn't have my head on straight...totally my fault...we scored a 60 (the lowest score you can get except for being disqualified with a no score). But, I really learned from my mistakes and we won our class with a 70 1/2 score!!! Colt did awesome!!!

Then last weekend was the annual Harney County Ranch Hand Rodeo...I didn't get very good action shots (just the one below), but I enjoyed the people shots...

Catchin' Some Air

Cool Cowboy

Waitin' His Turn

Old & Young

OK...this next one may not look like people...but he was watchin' the rodeo like the rest of us...he thought he was people!!!


Check out the other Sunday Stills participants by going HERE and you'll find links in the comments.

Have a great Sunday!!


Sarah said...

those were all really nice Karen! I can't pick a favorite! But I did especially love the one of the grandmother and baby!

Cheyenne said...

If I may comment?..... There is an intensiveness about these pics, its in the eyes of each one I see. From the child to the older lady.
The cowboys have that relaxed seriousness that belies their experience.

Its a truly wonderful mix.Damn good lady!

Mary said...

Neat, neat photos! You really captured the moments in those. I liked the "bronc" shot, is it me, or were the other cowboys a bit to close to the action? Or am I just imagining things. And the pooch at the end...priceless!

(the wind chimes arrived on Thursday :-) Perfect!)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Fantastic photos! They are the kind that really grab you and stand out from the pack.

Crystal said...

Those are cool photos, I really like the guys mustache at the rodeo, pretty neat!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

amazing people shots! They are all wonderful. I just love little kid shots. The girl looking between the rails, the baby with the older lady, ahhh.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! These are all fantastic. I loved the action shot alot. :)

Maia said...

People are endlessly interesting, but tough to expose. Your framing is perfection, now you need to work on getting the whole frame perfectly exposed. You have come so far, I can hardly wait to see where you go.

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

I LOVE candids. Photo #2 is incredible and says so much. The comparison between the worked hands and the cherubic face are perfect.

(tone down the contrast and/or brightness on his right hand and you've got a great capture of western Americana)

Shirley said...

Love, love, love this post!

Val said...

Those are great candid shots!

I can't say how much I enjoyed looking through them!

Jeni said...

Fantastic photos! My favorite is the little girl framed by the old hands.

Congrats on the win!

Linda said...

You are VERY good at people pic's!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I knew you'd have good uns :-D

Ed said...

Outstanding series of pics, I particularly liked the bucking bronc, well done..:-)

Rhonda said...

I enjoyed all the photos! :)

Oregon Equestrian said...

You captured the essence of southeast Oregon. Fabulous photos.

Mary said...

The wind chime I got is the shiny stainless one, I finally hung it up today and wouldn't you know it, no wind, nothing, not a peep out of it. The sun is shining really nice on it right now.
I posted a video of me trying to clicker train Freddy, it's pretty silly, I posted it right before the brunch one.

Ann said...

I was wondering why the people were sitting around until I saw the action photo. That photo is whoa!!!!!!

Merri said...

wow, you got some great shots in there!
- The Equestrian Vagabond

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