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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

RattieRanch Dog Tells it Like it Is!

Lil' Miss Cindy Sue was insistent that she get to  
be the blogger can you argue with her 
 cute lil' face 'n that flop ear?!?

Hey!!!!! Howdy everyone...RattieRanch Dog aka Cindy Sue here!!!'s lettin' me do the talkin'!!! 'bout time don'tcha think?!?

I've been havin' a pretty big summer. We've had lots of ranchin' 'n farmin' to do...'n I keep mom 'n dad on the straight 'n narrow! I just wish we didn't have to get up so early in the mornin''s still dark out!!! I need my beauty sleep!

Oh well...I'll make up for it in the winter when we're not irrigating. You know, that's my main job... besides keepin' the couch warm... "head irrigation helper." Yep! That's me!

Head Irrigation Helper

There's a slight problem when the alfalfa gets real tall...but that's when my ears come in handy! I know exactly where everyone is at all times...even if I can't see 'um!

Radar Up

Here you can see my dad movin' the #1 wheel line...they all got numbers so we know which one is which.  In the afternoons, I get right out there in the field. The wet alfalfa sure cools a pup off on the hot days.

But, I'm no body's fool dog...In the mornin's when it's cold out...I stay on the edge of the field!!! I can see if they're doin' their jobs just fine from that vantage point too! I let mom 'n dad get all wet and cold...BOL!!!

Movin' the Wheel Line

But, even when the alfalfa gets really tall, I can always tell where home is...I just have to look for the rim rock and there's home!!! Hey...look closely on that hill...

The Ranch

Look at those lazy critters! Rohan, Stetson and Catnip. All they ever do is laze around and eat and sleep. They should be doin' a job like me!

Fat 'n Sleepy

After we're done with the big field, we head on over to the smaller field. This field is my favorite. There's lots of deer tracks to sniff and bunnies to chase too!!! But, I smell lots of coyote stink...gotta be careful 'bout them no good knivin' @&%#$* OOPS! Didn't mean to say that...well, yes I DID mean to say that...they're NASTY!!

I suppose a lot of you have been wonderin' how I've been since the Coyote Attack...well, as you can see, them two coyotes didn't do me any permanent damage...just maybe wounded my pride a lil' bit. But, I sure appreciate how y'all helped me get better. I'm fine as frog hair now!!! Who made that sayin''s stupid isn't it?!?

What a Lil' Bit of Water Will Do!

Well, that's all I've got to say for now, so I'll head on back to the couch while mom does inside stuff. Hopefully mom will let me back on here again sometime soon!

Hugs 'n lots of wet, sloppy Rattie kisses to y'all xoxoxo

Cindy Sue~


Shirley said...

Well howdy little Cindy Sue! Good to know that you are keeping everyone in line. And that you're as fine as frogs hair (fyi, frog's hair is soooo fine that you can't see it, so that's very darn fine!)

Dreaming said...

Hey there, Cindy Sue, I'm glad that you got a hold of the keyboard for a change. I get tired of always reading what the humans have to say! Some day I'd like to run through the alfalfa. I'm a bit taller than you, so I might be able to see... but you are right, who needs eyes when you have perfectly good ears and a nose!!

Love from Tucker

Mary said...

I am so glad you're all healed up from those nasty &^%##@ Coyotes. I am still thinking about your ordeal.
It sure is a good thing your ears work good when you're in that alfalfa! (great shot of the one ear!)
Thanks for updating me and Freddy on your activities. Keep up the good work! I'm not sure if your Mom could manage without your supervision.

Maia said...

Well Cindy Sue, I glad to hear your back in charge. It seems like you've got everyone in hand and things are going well. I'm going to drag those two buffoons, Dweezil and Squigg to the computer, so they can read how a nicely brought up and intelligent animal bloggs.

Crystal said...

How good to hear from you again Cindy-Sue. Glad you are enjoying irrigation time, especially the cooling off part must be nice.

Cheyenne said...

Welcome back Cindy Sue!!!!

Mikey said...

Cindy Sue, you lead the best life! You are #1 Ranch dog :)
That green is killing me. I think I want to buy a hay farm, seriously. I keep telling Wade this, but he's allergic to alfalfa and is resisting my ideas. But your pictures make me yearn for it!!

Jeni said...

Great see you back in action Cindy Sue! Thanks for taking us along for your day of ranch work!

wendy said...

what a cute idea....a story from your dog. I laughed out loud at the BOL. THAT was funny.
We have hardly had any coyotes around here as of late.
I liked the photo of her ears just above the alphalpha

Rhonda said...

Nice pictures, and I enjoyed Cindy Sue's "commentary!" :)

Anonymous said...

You sure have long and busy days there on the ranch. It's good to hear about it all from your point of view Cindy Sue. You are a real cutie!

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Glad to see you're back at it Cindy Sue! I read your post to Austin and he BOL'd too!

Val said...

Cindy-Sue, I just loved seein' your picture and hearin' about your day.

With our big heat wave I've been mostly sittin' in front of the fan and makin' sure it stays put.

I get to go out and help with chores but it is beastly. Looks rally nice out there by you.

I should run off and see if I can come and stay with you for a week!

Your canine friend:

Country Girl said...

Wow. This is much more responsibility than we give George. Go, Cindy Sue!

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