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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Of Bulls and Owls

~I wonder if all women spend their time
cooking, sewing, and tending the chickens and pigs.~
~Sarah Brown 1900~

Come on!!! Hop along with Deborah Jean's Dandelion House FarmGirl Friday blog hop!!!

Goof's gone home...never to return to his Cowgirls he loaded into the trailer, the Cowgirls look a lil' forlorn.

The Cowgirls

Number Three and Black Calf will miss him too...the two of them loved to hang out with Goof. I think they must have known that he was their daddy!

Next year, Number Three will be bred, so we'll need a different bull other than Goof to cover the herd.

This Bull Will do Anything for a Pan of Grain! 2/2
The difficult job of loading Goof into the trailer...NOT!

How do you Lead a Bull? 1/2
Come on Bully, Bully...right on over here to the trailer!
Ha...and in he stepped...and off to home he went! Thanks for the visit!


Earlier this year I had made my mind up that I would be keepin' better tabs on this year's Great Horned owletts. Well, the days go by so fast that before ya know it...they're flyin'!!!

I Can Fly!
Look at me!!! I can FLY!!! (photo taken 7/8/11)

On June 26, I hiked up toward the base of the rim rock to see if I could find the owlets and take some photos. I found one of the parents stayin' cool in the shade of the rocks and grass...

Hiding in the Rim Rock
Hiding in the rim rock and grass is one of the parent owls.

Then I finally spotted the other up on a ledge (quite a way up). I didn't even see the owlet until I downloaded my photos onto the computer that evening...what a nice surprise!

And here is the other parent...and...OH Look! It's an owlet too!
Doesn't he look cute with all that fluffy down?!
Mother Nature provides them with good camouflage!

Last evening I saw one of the owlets fly onto the top of the chicken, they are gettin' around pretty well.

This mornin' I decided to see if they were in the elm trees in the yard...sure enough they just took me a while to spot them because the leaves and branches are so thick.

Two Owlets
"You lookin' for us?"

I decided to get on top of the house roof and see if I could get some closer shots. Both parents flew over to another tree...but these two (of the three) owlets tried to stay still and quiet...


Mother owl closely watched my every move...I've been dive bombed before by the owls for gettin' too close to their owlets, so I didn't want to upset her. I stayed low and moved slowly.

Mother Owl
Mother owl is definitely givin' me that "Don't mess with my kids" look!


Allison at Novice Life said...

That is so neat to be able to see the owls like that!

Mikey said...

Very cool baby owls. I didn't see the one either, first glance. I had to go back and look again. They are adorable!

Shirley said...

Boy, mama sure can give the stink eye! Thanks for all the effort to get such great shots to share with us.
Hope the bull you get next year is as easy to handle as Goof.

Maia said...

Love the owelette shots. How cute are they. And old goof, looks a little tired, I guess the lovestruck girls wore him out :)

Annette said...

Those owl pictures are great!

Reddunappy said...

LOL Its funny how an animal with no facial expresions, can give you "The Look" LOL

Val said...

Thank you for the update, that is so cool.

Also, I think Goof is a heck of a name for a bull!

I'll have to update you on my Dexter Cattle mini-herd!

5 Starr's Farm said...

Nice going on the owls.....very cool! Goof....what a great bull.

Dreaming said...

The owls are amazing! How fortunate to have them so close.

Mary said...

Awww darn! I'm sure gonna miss goof...What a great guy!

Wonderful owl pictures. it's relly neat that you got to get some pics of the babies, especially the surprise one on the rocks. I sure wouldn't want to mess with "Mama" I'm glad you were careful.

lisa said...

I can see why the cowgirls are going to miss Goof, he is one impressive bull!! The picture of your horned owl are amazing!!

Cinnamon owl said...

Oh my gosh, those owls are so cute!!! How awesome that they are just right in your backyard! Love it!

gowestferalwoman said...

GREAT pictures!!!! But those big honkin' feathery feet...landing on the chicken chickens run!!!

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