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Friday, July 8, 2011

Just Another Week

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It's been a busy week...but that's typical of course for summer. Moving irrigation wheel lines twice a day...over and over again...

But, when you're up with the birds, you get to see gorgeous sunrises!

Mornin' Flight
Mornin' Flight

And, at the end of the day as the sun begins to set, the views are just as spectacular as in the mornin'. Pivots and wheel lines all across the valley are running 24/7...growing alfalfa to feed hungry cows who in turn provide us with milk products and beef.

High Desert Farmland
High Desert Farmland

This photo of our 1st cutting bales was taken on 6/26/11 (just 12 days ago). We started irrigating this field that evening.

Stacked in Two's
Stacked in Two's

It's amazing what a lot of summer heat and good water will do...after just 12 days, the alfalfa is over the tops of my rubber boots...and I had damp jeans this mornin'! Grow alfalfa grow!!!!

When the Wind Blows
When the Wind Blows

Tomorrow, My Man and I are headin' into town for the annual Harney County Ranch Hand Rodeo...a day to relax, visit with friends, eat good food, and watch a bunch of great buckaroos and horses do what they do best...brand, rope and ride!

What are your plans for this beautiful summer weekend? Whatever you do...have a great time doin' it!


Allison at Novice Life said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the "When the Wind Blows" photo! That would be beautiful on a wall!

Shirley said...

The light in that last photo is wonderful. Have a great time at the rodeo! This weekend we have a 50th birthday party to go to, but next weekend, we are off to the Calgary Stampede!

Marites said...

really beautiful photos! my fave is the When the Wind blows photo too:) have a good weekend! My skywatch is here.

EvenSong said...

The photo is great, but I hate it when my sprinklers can't get the water where I need it!

As for this weekend, we're right in the middle of first cutting (timothy for export) because of our funky spring--we're usually done by the 4th! Hoped to do a trail competition with my mare on Sunday, but it will depend on if we have a field to do...bummer!

Darcel said...

Beautiful photos. I love sunrise and sunsets.

Rhonda said...

Enjoyed this post! GORGEOUS sunrise photo. :) Glad the alfalfa's growing so well. Y'all enjoy the rodeo!

The Kissin S Ranch said...

Great pictures! No, our goat doesn't usually go with us unless she sneaks in which is what she was doing in the picture :)

lisa said...

I think that the sunsets and sunrises make some of the best pictures ever! Yours are just beautiful! Sounds like you are going to be having fun this weekend!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The first time I saw center pivots in action, I was in awe. I still am!


Planets hurtling through the sky,
Can you tell me one thing: Why
Are you intent on fleeing
Far from human sight and seeing?

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Sky Through a Portal

Mary said...

Great photos! I can just here those sprinklers, I love that sound. I would love to attend the rodeo, it just sound like really good times! Yee Haww!

Maia said...

Wow and Wow and Wow girl. You're thinking about Fstops. You are the best there is.

Crystal said...

Wow amazing pictures! Have fun at the rodeo this weekend, it ought to be more fun then mine, moving a friend.

Kristy said...

Gorgeous photos of country life! I've been starting at the fresh rolled hay this week and missed a shot like that!

Ed said...

Great shots, the west has the prettiest sunsets/sunrises..:-))

Val said...

Beauty, beautiful, awesome.

Plans for the weekend? I hope you enjoy yours.

This evening begins my work 'week'.


Stacie said...

What gorgeous shots!

Dreaming said...

Seeing the bales in the field must be very satisfying.

Sounds like you have great weekend plans - we're going to a combined driving event and I get to ride with a fellow on the cross country course. Should be fun!

Sara Chapman said...

Great set of photos. Such hard work you do out there! Love the top one with the bird floating.

Anonymous said...

Early mornings are my favorite time of day by far - and that sky was just beautiful! Have a great weekend

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