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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Stills~4 Points: N, S, E, & W

~While I'm cooking or dish washing,
I keep my head filled with beautiful dreams.~
~Vera Rains 1901~

This week's Sunday Stills photo challenge: "Find an interesting or not so interesting place and stand and take pics of the 4 points of the compass. North, South, East and west. The point of this challenge is that we have a tendency to only look in one direction when taking pics. for instance photographing a sunset you rarely look behind you to see the setting sun light up a barn or hillside ot beside you to notice the shadows created by the trees or other objects."

I thought this was a fun and different type of challenge and did a few different spots, but this one is my favorite. I spend a lot of time in the round pen with my horses and have always been awe-inspired by the beauty of the land...every way I look~

Round Pen: North
The barn...with the infamous old blue paint that everyone seems to love ;~)
And two dogs...Cowboy 'n Abby

Round Pen: South
South...the rim rock and another dog too...Bella Jo.
At the lowest spot at the top of the rim, that's where
the water fall comes down when we have heavy
snow melting and/or a huge downpour of rain.

Round Pen: East the mornin' sunrise, our alfalfa field in the foreground
 and the neighbor's horses grazing in the distance.

Round Pen: West 'n my shadow...

Check out the other participants by going to the comments section HERE and click on the links...enjoy!


thecrazysheeplady said...


5 Starr's Farm said...

Hi Gtyyup, great idea, I had though about taking a latter out into the orchard to get above the trees but already had the cloud shots, so went with them. "no more snow pic" LOL

Linda said...

I've always loved your rimrock.....maybe someday I can meet it in person;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful all around views. Is that snow on the ground???? :)

Annette said...

Beautiful shots. I especially like the old blue paint and the rimrocks.

Ed said...

OOOOO Snow!!! Note to self, move west and become a cowboy..:-)

Rhonda said...

Nice photos! Every direction was interesting. :)

MTWaggin said...

I would agree, you have great surroundings and how nice to be able to see them while working in the round pen!

Janice said...

I always enjoy your photos especially of your home area this challenge was no exception...very nice.
PS love the Header,it's been awhile since I have been here.

Shirley said...

You do have great views, especially the rimrock. Nice round pen too; I need one of those.

aurora said...

Nice views & photos!

Crystal said...

I like that rimrock, very cool fence. Kinda neat how its totally different all four directions.

CTG Ponies said...

Wow, LOVE the view!!

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