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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

When Will it Fall?

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Cheyenne said...

Not long?.....Or soon!.......But whenever, I dont want to under it!

Sandee said...

What Cheyenne said. I was thinking just that very thing. Great shot by-the-way.

Have a terrific WW. :)

Reddunappy said...

That is time waiting!!! LOL

lisa said...

Watch out below ;) Nice shot.

Maia said...

Thank you for your continuous display of lovely shots. Those of us who spend our days rewriting medical malpractice suits need to understand that yes there is somewhere that is pure and beautiful and wonderful.

Faithful said...

Your shots are always a pleasure to see, Karen. But I was so dismayed to read about Cindy Sue! Sorry, she had to go thru so much pain. I, too, feel I get alittle lax and worry about my dogs with the coyotes always lingering around. I'm so happy to read she is doing so well..she is such a tuff little critter..isn't she? (Hugs)

Janice said...

Cool shot it looks like some kind of prehistoric creature.I think I would want to be well out of it's way if it comes tumbling down.

Ed said...

Looks like its still got another 50,000 years till it goes, or one good earthquake..;-)
Great shot..

Merri said...

That just makes me want to go out and explore
: )
- The Equestrian Vagabond

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