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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hey...It's Just Me~

Yep, just me in a hotel room...far, far away from home...missin' My Man and all my critters :(

I'm at an ag training in Portland...ya know, I gotta do somethin' to earn money to get Colt 'n Gus to the shows this summer!!! The trip over was way better than expected. Bend got dumped on (15 inches of snow), but the pass over Mt Hood was relatively easy!

Tonight, I'll be meeting up with my lil' brother for dinner...he has the cool cabin on the family farm you saw at Christmas. We'll be feasting at Wonker's Corners on micro brews and fish tacos!!

This has been my first experience to use my 'new to me' laptop computer. I don't have any photo software to work my images, there aren't any! But I'm lovin' havin' the computer in my room to keep up with email etc.'s snowing at home...5-7 inches. My pet caretaker came to take care of Cindy Sue today and couldn't get in the driveway because the snow plow had left a huge pile in front of the drive...she said she didn't know where our driveway was to the house anyhow, so she just walked to the house (which she could barely see through the blizzard)!! My Poor Man has to feed and plow out the drive tonight all by himself...which I'm sure he'll do a fine job of...I just feel bad...and I'd rather be home anyhow!!!

Here? Well, it's raining...and raining...and raining...I hate rain. It's one of the reasons we moved from here...NO regrets!!!

Lookin' forward to bein' back soon...thanks everyone for stoppin' by!!


Shirley said...

I bet they all miss you as much as you miss them!

EvenSong said...

That's funny! I'm across the river in Vancouver for a school conference this week! I don't have a "new to me" laptop, just a "checked out from the school library" laptop. >:-(
Any chance yu'll be sneaking across for the WA State Horse Expo this weekend? Or will you thankfully be home by then?
Drive careful, going back.

K. T. Sparks said...

Oh, I bet they are all missing you at home! Have an enjoyable time with the little bro and enjoy you time away. be careful in the weather.

gtyyup said...

EvenSong~*waiving to you across the river* I'll be home to my critters 'n Man...and my own bed on Friday. Enjoy the expo if you get to go!

CTG Ponies said...

I miss my critters and my family when I'm away too but...some quiet "me" time is nice too. Try for photo editing. Most stuff is free and the premium membership is cheap ($25 for the year or you can do monthly at $4.95) and it has some really cool stuff.

Crystal said...

awww bet they are home missing you too!

thecrazysheeplady said...

There are some pretty good downloadable photo editing programs that are free or next to it. Wish we had your snow :-(.

Sarah said...

Well, I say ditto on the hating the rain thing. Not all the time, but in spring when we already have enough mud from the snow melt. Speaking of...hope it stays over there in Oregon and isn't heading our way. We had about an inch last night and tonight its going down to 14. Spring fling is over! Have a safe and enjoyable time in Portland and a safe trip home tomorrow!

5 Starr's Farm said...

Hey Gtyyup, I know what you mean, "There's no place like home" be safe on the road.

Maia said...

I'm going to bet here that as much as you miss your man and your animals, they miss you more. As well as being a damm fine photographer, you are the sweetest of peas.

Rising Rainbow said...

We're having the same weather as Portland so I commiserate with you. If this keeps up I may be ready to move to Texas.

At least you're getting a chance to earn money to show. I think that's cool even if it does mean a few days away from home. I do the same when I manage the Morgan shows. I hate the time away from home but it's worth it to build my show fund.

For some reason I just cannot wrap my mind around the idea of fish tacos. Something about it just sounds wrong to me. Still I've been thinking I eat fish sandwiches so how much different can they be.Weird how my mind works sometimes.

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