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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

~When I die, I'm going to be stuffed and mounted on top of my horse.~
~Rosie Pale 1904~

A Dust Bath

Ahhhhhh...A Lil' More on the Left

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Janice said...

Good shots is that what he was doing after all his hard work cutting.You are right your man did a very nice job with the video, I enjoyed watching you guys.

Sydney_bitless said...

Nothing like a good roll in the sand.

Shirley said...

Oh yeah, scratch that itch!

Stevebethere said...

Love the pics :-)

Happy WW!

jane augenstein said...

Great shots, roll Colt, roll!!!

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Dirty girl...or is that a boy?

gtyyup said...

Janice~These shots were taken two days prior to the cutting...but when we got home from the cutting, he did something very similar! Glad you enjoyed the was fun to make.

Lisa's RS~He's a boy ;~) Thanks for stoppin' by today and commenting...much appreciated.

wendy said...

Ha, that is pretty funny. I have always told my kids I should be taxidermied.....then they can all take turns at having me at their house from time to time....just dust me off.

I love watching the horses roll.

Paint Girl said...

Nothing like a good roll in the dirt! Great picture's!

dibear said...

He looks like he is really enjoying himself. :)

Ed said...

Dust bath...Oh Yeah..:-)

Celeste said...

Happy Horse :)

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