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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Stills ~ Shadows

When you know something personal
about a Cowboy, you know too much.
~Abigale Carter 1890~

This week's Sunday Stills photo challenge is "Shadows."

It's been a really busy week and I didn't get time to focus on the task, but I had taken the first photo last weekend before I knew what the challenge was...because I liked the shot!

Found Some Shade
Cindy Sue's found just a bit of shade.

This second shot is from the archives. We had moved cows down the road about 13 miles and were settling the herd for the night.

Settling the Herd at Sundown
Settling the herd at sundown.

Check out more "Shadow" photography by clicking HERE and go to the comments!


Tracey said...

Poor Cindy Sue needs more shade than that on those hot desert summer days!

LOVE the long shadow on the drive.

Kiki said...

These are factor! awesome!

Crystal said...

That one of Cindy Sue is sooo cool, never thought of using shadows like that before.

Anonymous said...

Cindy Sue looks like she is in jail! Great shots. :)

Cowgirl Rae said...

MY.... what a long legged horse you have

I've seen the cats sit behind a fence post just for the strip of shade.

Ebie said...

Cindy Sue not only got shade, but she's got more strips too!

The second shot looks like your horse had grown quite a few inches on his legs!

Great photos!

Shirley said...

Both good ones! Shade is a little hard to find around here too sometimes. I was trying to get real close to the water truck at the arena today for the little strip of shade it offered.

Linda said...

Cindy Sue: Jailed by shade. I love the horse sentinel on the hill.

Anonymous said...

great shots.

Anonymous said...

Ah, shade. Nice shots, like the picture from the horse too. Regular Guy

CTG Ponies said...

Love the shadow on the 2nd pic! Would be great in a magazine. Cindy Sue is too cute.

Ed said...

Cindy looks bushed, the second is the best horse/rider shadow I've seen this week, great shot!!

Oregon Equestrian said...

Wonderful reflections of ranch life.

Anonymous said...

amazing shot, i loved the 2nd one with the shadow on to the cattles

thecrazysheeplady said...

Love them both!

sista' moonshine said...

a photo book of just shadows would be great. You have some interesting ones out on the farm.

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